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TCG World Metaverse Early Alpha Reactions + Pics. Should We Form a Guild that Worships the Two Suns?

Jace did a Twitch Stream showcasing an early and limited Alpha build. Here's what I took away from watching it:

- Don't mind Jace in his fighter jet and red racecar lol.

- Jace got the main build recently, but was having issues loading it. The studio is working on it and he hopes to have it in a day or so.

- This is a smaller area in the forest region near the beach. The same area we've seen in previous streams from Jace if you were able to catch them.

- At one point he found a Sprite or a Fish that was moving around under water.

- Can dive into the water on the dragon.

- Jace pulled out a few cars this time, including a TCG themed one, a rusty looking one briefly, a sporty car and a few more.

- Each car sounds different, and they sound pretty good to be honest!

- Sporty car didn't drive too well on the sand, did much better on the road.

- Dragons are faster than cars (I assume most cars)

- Water looks fantastic

Stuff that needs worked on:

- When you dismount the dragon at some angles you can see through the earth and see water very quickly.

- Dragon has blank / no eyes at certain angles. Otherwise they look great.

- Still two shadows for everything, especially noticeable for the dragon and palm trees. (Is my theory of two suns confirmed? Should I form a guild and worship the two suns? (it's probably just an early glitch of some kind, but it's fun to think about!))

- When a car runs into a Sprite it's like hitting a brick wall. Sprite is unaffected, so is the vehicle.

- Hats poke out of some vehicles.

- At least in the build shown, the mountains were undeveloped / basic graphics.

- At the end of the stream, he flew high over the mountains on the dragon and got stuck in the air. He tried to get on another dragon and fell straight down, through the mountains and broke the game.

- I did notice one issue with the water, with it looking like it's spiking upwards unnaturally at certain points / angles.

- Please note that the old sprites seen (Draco and Egg) will be replaced completely with Mike Miller's creations. All original creatures eventually.

What Jace mentioned:

- No 1st person view in the game YET - they will add it later, especially for VR.

- Swimming will be added in an update soon.

- He expects to show some of the city in the next build (He hopes for tomorrow / next week)

- He talked about TCG World making it hard for cheaters in the game to do anything like replicate stuff. He says it'll be impossible for people to replicate items due to them being NFTs and being on the blockchain.

- He says the driving is smooth and is overall happy with how the cars drive.

- He talked briefly about mini games, and mentioned gokarting a possibility in the future.

Please follow The Sprite Report for more stories like this!

This is where he starts to fly to the mountains, and eventually gets stuck in the air and falls through the game.

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