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TCG World Live Updates #31 Highlights: Miami Vice Edition + Biomes Pics!

- Alex did this stream from a Miami hotel room. He's in Miami for a convention for TCG.

- Alex is bunking with Ken Shamrock - The World's Most Dangerous Man, and Ken made an appearance at the start.

- Last week Alex asked if Youtube Live was good for everyone? He got an overwhelming response of yes, Youtube is better vs Facebook.

Technical problems had to restart the stream again.

- Alpha is officially out, Videos and Streaming soon!

- Just finished NFT LA - Eric got a lot of contacts. They're now at Miami NFT.

- Captain Awesome is there and will be holding a party with some big names tonight.

- They did a Podcast back on Monday, Michael Owen was on the call.

- They're meeting and working with some large projects and large names.

Giveaway Winners from this past Week: - Reddit Giveaway: Ksmithers419 and AeroineSkye both win a Silver Plot.

- Twitter Space Giveaway:

- Jarder and Walter Lopez win a Cyber Hornet NFT

- Danny Mesmer wins an Animus NFT

- Next week's giveaway is with Funky Monkey Frat House. (Mike Miller)

- Update on TCG Verified Guilds, Officially starting the process today or tomorrow. They're picking 1 guild to start to go through the process and get feedback, then more.

- Conventions coming up: TCG Miami (now), San Diego, and Paris soon.

- TCG is hosting their own convention in Las Vegas on July 8th to 10th

- In Alpha, they're working on the roads, roads are getting updated.

- Alex shows a CAR in the North Region:

- They're updating the biomes in TCG World. Biomes are different areas of the map that are self contained (such as a jungle, desert, etc.). They don't want the world to look the same wherever you go.

- Alex shows multiple photos involving biomes:

In the East

In the East

Night Time in the East

The North.

The North.

Mystery Biome!!!

- What is Next with Alpha? -- Main core team is in the world now with the studio. Team is making sure everything's good to go before the next phases are good to enter.

- Goal is to get to public Alpha as fast as possible.

Video ended and AMA went to Telegram.

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