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TCG World Gold Rush - What Gold Plots are Still Available in the North Region?

Opinion Only. Not Financial Advice.

The North is losing the land sale fight. Out of all the golds left on the whole map, the North region has sold the least. Which is great for you if you want to get close to a popular attraction, or even a partner! There's plenty of good spaces still left for you to choose from.

But why has this region been the least attractive for buyers? The North will have less creatures to capture due to the cold climate, but there will be lots of crystals to harvest, which means more TCG2 for you.

In my opinion the crystals make this the perfect region to set up a farm. First you tend to your farm, then go hunting for TCG2. Bing, Bong. Profit. Plus the snow is absolutely beautiful. I really feel this region is underrated and deserves more love than what people are showing it.

Take a look at this trailer featuring CryptoMom's plot - it's one of my favorites! Look at how stunning the North is! I must note that these videos are months old, and the graphics are MUCH improved now!

Women in Crypto's spot is in the North too! Look for the giant red shoe!

And WhiteBit is up in the North somewhere too. They're not on the map yet!

So are you looking to get a plot in the North? Let's take a look at the gold plots left for you to choose from in the beautiful North Region!

There is nothing close to the main TCG City / Main Stadium. You have to go 3 squares out either direction, and there's barely any left. On the positive side though, the ones to the right of the city are very close to the river. Possible fishing opportunity?

As you can see there was a rush to own all the gold land nearest to the fishing lake. But look left, and especially to the right, and you'll see some AWESOME spots still available. These are very close to the fishing lake and the river that separates the North and East regions. These are PRIME locations! I'm surprised they're not all sold out already to be honest.

You can get pretty close to SydTek DAO, which will be a huge University in TCG World and will provide education in the metaverse. SydTek DAO is likely to be a hot spot.

Looking at what's still available, you can get in pretty close with a gold size plot. And what the heck is that ONE gold still available to the left? This is a great spot because it's in between the main TCG City and the North City. Likely a lot of foot traffic going between those two cities.

Project Nightfall, Women in Crypto, CryptoMom and Sonya Mulkeet are all located on the right side in the North. If you want a gold plot, you'll be a square away. Not too far, but not too close either.

Whatever this giant commercial spot ends up to be - there's 2 oddball gold plots left pretty close to it.

Fans of Mobie Network can get in decently close with a gold plot. And mega close with silvers. Also consider there's going to be a LOT of partners that will eventually fill in nearby.

Retro Defi and the Aussie Crypto Community have some gold plots still available close by too!

Likely one of the hidden gems on the whole map, nothing has really been said about the Roller Coaster. But it's expected to be a whole theme park, with rides and everything.

You can get pretty close to it with a gold plot still.

Also along the left hand side of the North, there's some prime locations very close to the edge. Who knows what this area will be?

You won't be up close with a gold to the Airport - but you won't be too far either. I'd recommend the plots just south of the Airport, they're pretty close, and close to the edge as well.

On the right side of the North region you'll see the giant Face on the map. I've named it Chief Cryptobull.

All the golds have been claimed on the edges, but you can still get VERY close to the edge! To the north of this area is the Ski Resort, which is likely going to extend down south, I'd guess. The possibilities are endless for this area - will there be snowboarding? Snowmobiles?

You'll see they put the Ski Resort on the top right corner, and it extends a little bit west and south. The ski resort is a HUGE area! And you'll notice all the golds are sold in that corner closest to it. But if you go a little west, or a little south, you can still get in pretty close, especially with one towards the edge.

What do you think will eventually be to the North? We see Mountains now.. is this where ice dragons will live? Will we have penguins? Will they put in a frozen lake? Look at all those gold spots available! Possibly some of the best locations on the the whole map, as we don't know what's going to be placed up there. And playing in the snow is fun!

You can find the virtual land plots for sale on the TCG World website on the marketplace.

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