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TCG World Alpha Starts Soon! Everything You Need To Know About Alpha!

We got a huge update from Jace today!

Dear TCG World, as the Chief Gaming Officer, it will be my privilege to begin real world game testing of the new TCG World - Alpha, within literally just a few days. The Studio has been working painstakingly for months now, and the design team are getting closer and closer to completing their initial phase of the TCG World development. I look forward to pushing the capabilities and gameplay to the max to filter through and report back on any bugs prior to the launch of TCG World - Alpha. It has been some time since I have streamed any demo's, because focus has been on Alpha to ensure it's launch is a smooth one, and one the TCG Community will truly appreciate. The world is HUGE, absolutely mind blowing, and some of our initial testing showed it can take over 5 hours just to walk from one side to another, yes over 5 hours. TCG World really hasn't even begun, and for all those in the community, this will be one truly all inspiring journey you will not want to miss or ever forget in your lifetime. LET'S GO TCG!!!

Exciting stuff! We are just DAYS AWAY! I'd expect Jace and Alex to stream the Alpha, so please give TCG World a follow on the official TCG World Twitch channel.

Here's what has been said about Alpha so far:

- You’ll be able to log into any of your owned plots. So if you have a lot of plots around the map, this will give you an advantage in exploring the map!

- You’ll be able to test out the in-game builder system. They've said previously there may be a separate section in the world for this.. but that was a few weeks ago.

- The full world will be generated and able to be explored, with procedurally generated landscaping and roads. And as Jace said above, it's going to take over 5 hours to get from one side of the map to the other via walking. And from the recent videos we've seen, it's going to be beautiful!

- You’ll be able to visit some select Partner plot locations and their buildings. I'd expect the ones we've seen so far, such as Elongate, Retro Defi, Wallstreet Bets, etc.

- There will be a variety of cars available for you to drive around in. These are tester cars for you to speed around the game. These will be available free for Alpha, but you'll have to likely pay up for them when the game releases later on this year. Maybe dragons to fly around too? And other vehicles? We shall see!

- Alex said during the live stream they hope to have the outskirts of the map, at least some of it, open to explore later on in Alpha - not at the beginning.

- Alex has also said that teleporting may be a feature later on in Alpha.

- They also expect creature spawning later on in Alpha, not at the beginning.

- And one of the most exciting things: They hope to test creature capturing in Alpha. If not Alpha, in Beta.

So when can you expect to gain access to TCG World's Alpha?

Invites to the Alpha testing phase will be done in waves.

➣The first to enter will be the management team - Jace, Alex, David, and a few select others. They're gonna try to break the game so it'll work for all of us later!

➣Next will be the TCG moderators and real estate team members. This is so they will gain some knowledge, see how things work, and be able to answer people's questions for everyone.

➣The Diamond plot owners will follow — this is when they will finally be able to allocate their plots. Diamond plot owners were the original investors to TCG World, and they have waited until Alpha so they can get into the game and see it for themselves.

➣After them, the Platinum plot owners, and also some of the leadership teams from partners.

➣The Gold and Silver plot owners will be next. This is probably be the most exciting moment; a flood of people experiencing the world for the very first time! I can't wait for this moment!

➣And finally, the members of our community and eventually the Public. Another huge influx of people - everyone will be able to try the game out for themselves!

The time frame in between stages is not set. It could be a week, could be a couple days. It depends on what bugs and glitches are found and how long those take to fix. If major bugs are found that cause unexpected issues, this is going to take the team longer to fix, and some stages may take longer. I think the major test will be when all the gold and silver plot owners get in - how will the servers handle it? Will it crash? We shall see!

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