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TCG World Alpha First Reactions with Photos - Possible Spoiler: Does TCG World have Two Suns?

Tonight Jace, Chief Gaming Officer at TCG World, was on Discord playing around in a very limited version of TCG World Alpha. Make sure to join the TCG World Discord to view his future Alpha adventures.

My takeaways:

- I notice two shadows on a lot of things. Is it a glitch? Are there two suns? If there are two suns, that could explain why there's short days/nights compared to this thing we call real life.

- Creature capture may come sooner rather than later, as Jace had rings and was able to throw them. They didn't do anything, and he couldn't capture the bee sprite.

- Avatar goes through buildings

- Can drive under water.

- Can breathe under water apparently.

- Two dragons were shown, but only Mike Miller's will make it in the game.

- Unity asset Sprites were shown, these will not be in the game

- Jace mentioned they want to change the colors of the moving plot borders to match the different colors for plots (silver, gold, etc.)

- Animation on monster truck wheels 100% better - no blur.

- Plant life looks amazing.

- Waves are dynamic and look amazing.

- Could see the clouds form and change shape in real time. The viewers were really amazed by that.

- Small objects on the beach screw cars up major.

- Road is raised in spots and a regular sized car can get stuck / bottom out on the edge of the road.

- Discord viewing quality sucks unless you pay up for it.

- Overall a wonderful experience, I can't wait to get in!

- More below!

The different plants amaze me. They look absolutely beautiful.

Jace likes facing the camera.

Must be hot wearing a suit on the beach! Yacht and boat seen in the water. Waves crashing - look AMAZING!

Bee description in a foreign language - this bee will NOT be in the game. It is a filler-in Unity asset. These Sprites will be replaced eventually by Mike Miller's creations.

The Green stuff you see near the top is a border to a plot. Likely a platinum plot in this image. This dragon will not be used in the game. They're using Mike Miller's model, seen later.

Avatars run weird, but I'm sure that'll get worked on eventually.

This yellow border I --believe-- means the plot is owned by someone. The ones that are available for sale literally say "For Sale" on their border animation.

Is that two shadows? ARE THERE TWO SUNS IN TCG WORLD????

Jace bringing out the Monster Truck. When it pops out of his inventory it kinda bounces on the ground. Looks cool.

The wheels for the monster truck look 100% better than they did when we first saw this truck in a video. Back then it was blurry animation. Now the animation is crisp and clean. Great improvement!

Still the "wrong" dragon. This dragon will not be used in the game.

Love all the little details. This world is very impressive. In the background you can read "FOR SALE" as this plot he's standing in is still purchasable.

So many different plants!

You can see a crystal in the background. He didn't have a pickaxe in his inventory so he couldn't mine it live for us.

Again... two shadows. Am I on to something?

THIS is the dragon that will be in TCG World. This is Mike Miller's dragon creation come to life!

Key features of Mike Miller's dragons: Long horns, flat spikey tail. Always look for those.

Mike has said there will be different colors of dragons.

Jace throwing some rings. The throwing animation actually looked pretty cool, but nothing ultimately happened. Notice the target on the ground.

More throwing of rings - blue rings in this shot.

Jace pointed out that you can get into the passenger seat of a car. You won't be able to drive it, but that'll be something in game.

The Discord stream wasn't the best quality, but you could tell the water was amazing to look at.

Is that two shadows for this tree as well?

Two shadows.

Jace doing the high jump.

Water doesn't stop a monster truck in Alpha.

Likely one of Walt's plots on the left.

Jace throwing green rings at the bee Sprite.

Hello little bee! Again, this bee will not be part of the game when it is released. All of these unity asset starters will be replaced with all original creatures from the mind of Mike Miller.

Jace started to go up high. Was some awesome shots of the area. Also notice the sky cleared, not a cloud in sight.

And he jumped off.

Almost a super hero landing.

Looks like he's ready to face the world!

Until next time!

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1 Comment

Jay verse
Jay verse
Apr 10, 2022

thanks for this! Can’t wait for more streams

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