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Best Plots Still Available in TCG World? - Near the Airports

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Opinion only. Not Financial Advice.

Looking for a plot with potential? I'm amazed when I look at the map and see SO MANY plots still for sale in prime locations! How are these still available?

Today we'll take a close look at the map near the AIRPORTS. While ALL of the gold plots are pretty much gone from the nearby area, there are tons of Silver Plots that will get you the closest possible next to an Airport! Seriously - a front row seat - you will be the absolute closest, practically touching the airports.

Airports will likely be one of the most heavily travelled spots. Especially for free-to-play players who do not own land. Just like in the real world, an airport in TCG World should have a lot of traffic. If you're a business, or even just want to put up a billboard to rack in some advertising dollars, these plots have the potential to get a lot of eyes on them.

As of this writing, there's a ton of regular silver plots and farm plots available near all the airports.

Note: All bright green squares seen in these photos are sold / taken already.

Airport T3: Located on the left side of the map, in between the Forest and Asia.

This is the closest airport to the Battle Arena, Racing Area, and the Beach on the left hand side of the map. North of this airport is the Festival. South is the Beach and eventually the Marina.

Airport T4: Located Top Middle of the map in between Asia and the North.

This is the closest airport to the Roller Coaster and the Volcano. If you travel to the east you'll get to the Ski Resort.

What's this? Some decent gold plots still available near Airport T4! Not right next to it, but pretty dang close!

Airport T2: Located in the East Region on the right hand side of the map towards the middle.

This is the closest airport to the Fishing Lake and the Ancient Ruins. If you travel north of here, you'll get to the Ski Resort. To the south, you'll get to the Golf Course.

Airport T1: Located on the southern middle of the map, just off the East Region. Airport T1 appears to be slightly larger than the other airports. This is the closest airport to the Golf Course. A beach will be nearby south of the airport. And it's rather close to the Port, but you may have to swim across the river to get to it.

Worthy of note: The East Region has 2 Airports. T1 and T2. As mentioned previously, Airport T1 appears to be slightly larger than the rest. Does this mean anything? Will this keep for the actual game? Time will tell!

Check out the map for yourself here:

What do you think? Will these locations be considered prime real estate in TCG World? Will these have heavy foot traffic, or not so much? It will be interesting to see in a month or so how many of these will sell.

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1 Comment

Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
Mar 10, 2022

So much to do in TCG World

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