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Best Gold Plots Still Available in the Forest Region in TCG World?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Opinion only. Not Financial Advice.

Gold Size Plots are getting scarce! As of this article 61% have sold already. That means only 29% are left for the presale price.

And if you haven't heard already, prices for the presale golds are going up! Alex said in the latest AMA prices will change to either 2 BNB or 3 BNB. This price increase will still be considered presale.

The Forest Region has a very useful perk, especially if you plan to battle and evolve your Sprites. The Forest boasts gorgeous scenery and due to the lush environment, your creatures will evolve faster on this land! So land in the Forest will be especially useful if you choose to get a plot there!

So where's the best plot locations still available for golds? Let's take a closer look at what's left for Gold in the Forest Region!

If you're looking for a 32x32 size plot near the Port, you probably want to act quick. There's only 2 left in the whole bottom right corner! There's a few to the left of there, which is above the Port though.

Fancy a spot near the Beach? You'll likely have a 10 or so minute walk to get there with what's left. There's many locations available, but nothing on the edge. You'll have to downsize to a Silver size plot to get closer to the beach.

There are zero gold size plots available in the nearest two grid squares near the Marina. A group plans to set up a guild called The Beverly Whales near these squares, which is why there's none to be found nearby. But if you go a little bit north of there there's 5 gold plots still available. And if you go two squares from the Marina, and up.. there's a few still available there too.

The gold plots nearest to the city in the Forest Region are getting scarce too. On the right side you'll have to go two squares out. This is likely because of David's Bored Ape Vs. Crypto Punks plot - people rushed in to that area.

Over on the left hand side though you can get decently close still. Collect-A-Ball is over there!

Even to the south of David's Bored Ape you'll have to go a whole square and a half down to find a Gold Plot.

Probably the best gold locations still available in the whole Forest Region, in my opinion, are nearest to the Airport and Battle Arena. You can get pretty close to there. But it will still be around a 10 minute walk to get there.

Some closer locations near the Racing Area are still available too for gold size. Directly below it there's still a lot of gold left.

Here are the closet locations nearest to the main TCG World city (Center of the whole map). You'll still be a full square and a half away. To the left there are 4 golds left. To the south there's 9 spots left.

You can get pretty dang close to the river area in both the Forest as well as the East Region. Both sides of the river have many to choose from that are decently close to the water. Near any water source will likely be some of the most beautiful spots to relax at. And who knows what the river will provide in terms of gameplay and entertainment.

You can take a look for yourself on the map - click here.

On the left hand side of the map, you can filter to "On Sale" and Size 32x32 to see the available golds. You can go to the Marketplace to purchase a Forest Gold Plot, and then go back to the map to allocate.

The team is very helpful if you need any assistance. Please join the TCG Telegram and seek a mod, an admin, or one of the real estate agents. Please know they will never DM you first, you'll have to reach out first to make sure you're talking to a legit member of the team.

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