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These are the type of scams to watch out for on Telegram that are targeting TCG World.  These are only some of the ways they are scamming.  Please scroll through all pictures.  Even though these pictures are Telegram centric, these type of scams are on all platforms.

What to look out for on Telegram:

- Fake admins and team members - always double check names.  Usually it's off by a letter or two.  Often the letters I and L are switched and it's barely noticeable. Another thing to look at is their common groups.

- Fake admins and team members - I AM REPEATING THIS ONE!  It is the #1 way they scam by impersonating team members. 

- Getting invited to a private group - the team will never do this.
- Fake Announcement channels offering airdrops/offers. 

- Offers for discounts, fake giveaways, or other kinds of deals.  

- DMs - the team will never DM you first.  You have to DM them. 

- DMs offering help - TCG World has no help center or anything similar.

- DMs (again) - I cannot stress this enough.  You enter the chat and you may get a DM right away from someone asking how you're doing.  It's likely a scam bot.  If you didn't initiate the conversation or are expecting the DM from someone trusted, it's 99.99% a scammer.

- Fake Telegram groups pretending to be TCG World - often they put a ton of links and mute the channels.  These channels may have 12,000 or more members, they're all fake bots.

- People asking for crypto or money.  DO NOT SEND ANY CRYPTO TO ANYONE WHO MESSAGES YOU!

- Never give up your wallet seed phrase or password.  NEVER.  No one needs that except YOU.

Pictures coming soon as I get some examples.  

How to Report on Telegram

Public Telegram scam groups and accounts can be reported by email:


Photos of Telegram Scam Examples - click to expand. 

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