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Keep Yourself Safe.

There are a lot of scams in Crypto.  Scammers target upcoming and successful projects like TCG World.  The new and experienced are getting their hard-earned crypto stolen from them.  

It's ultimately up to you to keep your funds and assets safe from these scammers. 


The best way of protecting yourself is by learning how they are trying to scam you.

Watch out for the following:  

- Fake pages pretending to be TCG World - Scammers set these up and tag random people.

- Fake giveaways - posted on socials, in comments, on fake websites, etc.

- Random DMs (Direct Messages) - The real team will NEVER DM you first! 

- Scams offering help - Scammers watch chats and send DMs offering "help".

- Fake members of the TCG team asking for money or crypto - The team will never DM you first or ask for money or crypto.

- Fake unofficial links - Scammers set up fake websites to get you to connect a wallet and steal everything.

- Requests to join unofficial channels and groups - Make sure you're in the correct and official groups.

- Offers to sell plots at a discount - All plots are sold through the official TCG website.

- Offers to sell or mint the dragon NFTs - The dragon mint is over, the only way of getting the dragons is on Opensea.

- Being invited to or put into a group to buy plots, dragons, or anything else. - Again, the team will never DM you first, and will never invite you into a private group to offer deals or anything else.

Things to not do:

- Never transfer money directly to anyone

- Do not connect your wallet to anything unofficial

- Do not give out your seed phrase

- Do not keep a digital record of your wallets security back up info.  Instead, write it down and put it in a safe place.

Do these checks to keep yourself safe:

1. Always confirm the official groups and pages are legit. Most groups and pages have little to no following. The main TCG Facebook page has over 40k currently.

With that said, Fake Telegram groups could have 20k fake people in them - all bots!  

2. Check username and tags as they generally have a few minor changes compared to the real admin/mods username.  You can use the Verify tool on the TCG website.  Please make sure to COPY/PASTE the USER NAME.  Do not copy/paste a name they've given you, or a name under their Bio section, or from any where else.  

3. Once determined to be a scam, Report the group or individual and block them.

4. Don't give them an emotional response, they're not worth your energy

Note: TCG World does not have a support channel on any platform.

Official Links: 

The official Telegram for TCG World:

The official Discord for TCG World:

Official Facebook:

TCG World website:

Official Contract Addresses:

TCG2 BSC Contract Address:


TCG2 ETH Contract Address:


Only you can keep yourself safe!  Please ask questions if you are unsure about anything.  If something is too good to be true, it usually is!  

Click below to find specific Scam examples and how to Report them on those platforms!

Facebook Scam Examples 2.png
Telegram Scam Examples.png
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