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Your Future Home in the Beautiful Forest!

Plot Type:


Plot Size:

Gold 32x32




-8328, -2792

Plot ID: 


Region Perk:

Tamed Creatures Grow Faster


This plot is situated on the left hand side of the Forest region three grid squares away from the Forest Commercial City. It's in a "regular" forest biome, not too thick of trees. It's part of a larger cluster of Gold Plots. It is visible from a nearby road.

Perks of the Plot:

  • Visible from a nearby Road

  • Forest Biome Perk for Plot Sprites.

  • Potential for Advertising Due to the Nearby Road.

  • Potential Great Business Location due to the close proximity of gold plots.

  • Potential Great Business Location due to 9+ nearby Diamond plots. See map.

Map Example Out.png

In-Game Pictures:

Plot Details Last Updated: 

November 9, 2022 at 9:50:04 PM

Disclaimer:  None of what is written is financial advice. Please know the map is ever changing. The info and pictures contained on this page are a snapshot in time.  The area may have changed since this page was created. Please do your own research.  

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