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Near Marina, Beverly Whales

Plot Type:


Plot Size:

Gold 32x32




-8296, -7800

Plot ID: 


Region Perk:

Tamed Creatures Grow Faster


This plot is in the SouthWest Forest, 2 grid squares away from the Marina. It is in one of the 6 grid squares claimed by the "Beverly Whales" guild. The biome is the grassy green biome, with limited trees, making Sprites more visible in this area. The plot is an offshoot of a cluster of various other plots. There is a road a little bit aways.

Perks of the Plot:

  • Near the Marina

  • Sprites more visible in this particular biome

  • Potential Great Business Location due to Nearby Cluster of Plots

Map Example Out.png

In-Game Pictures:

Plot Details Last Updated: 

November 9, 2022 at 9:49:58 PM

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