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What Will You Be Able To Build On Your Plot? Let's Look at the Size of Things in TCG World.

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

What can we realistically expect to build on our plots? Today I wanted to take a look at all the different measurements that have mentioned so far in regards to plot sizes and house building. And then look at the whole map.

Keep in mind I'm comparing 1:1 scale buildings and things from the real world to a virtual world where creations can have more flexibility. Also, math is hard, so if anything is incorrect, please correct me in the comments.

We've been given these dimensions:

Doors: 2.2m-2.4m high

Ceilings: 2.7m high minimum

Garage Door: 3m wide minimum

Corridors: 1.5m minimum

Stairs: 1.0m wide minimum

Beds: 1.0m wide and 2.0m length minimum

Silver Plots Size: 16x16 Meters Height: 10 Meters

Potential Build: Likely a single or a 2-story house based upon the ceiling heights. Perhaps a 3 story building with a flat roof. Only if the flooring is flush to the ground, any sizeable foundation would make a 3 story building impossible.

Noteworthy: Silvers are the smallest plot size available for sale in TCG World. 16x16 is the same size as Decentraland's Land Parcels.

Gold Plots

Size: 32x32 Meters

Height: 20 Meters

Potential Build: A small apartment complex or office building, as a 4-storey building would be just under the height restriction.

Platinum Plots

Size: 64x64 Meters

Height: 30 Meters

Potential Build: An 8-storey building (26.6m tall). An ordinary commercial airplane. The White House.

Comparison: 4 times larger than Gold, 16 times larger than Silver.

Diamond Plots

Size: 128x128 Meters

Height: 50 Meters

Potential Build: Standard baseball field. A water tower. Standard Race Track. The Egyptian Sphynx. An American Football Field. Not Useful Build: You could construct the Statue of Liberty on a Diamond Plot... but only if it was on it's side. The Statue of Liberty is approx. 93 meters tall. Maybe a good idea if you're going all Planet of the Apes. The SpaceX Spaceship too - if on it's side. It's 120m long.

Another one on it's side: Big Ben 96m

Noteworthy: Larger in size than Sandbox's Land (96x96)

All of TCG World

Size: 800 kilometers square

This is the size given to us for the original square map where all the land plots are. With the expanded map, there was a question of whether that size has expanded or not. The answer is no, the whole map is still 800 kilometers square, with 400 being the plot area, 400 being around the edges.

Video Game Map Comparisons for fun (rounded in some instances)

Elden Ring: 25 square kilometers

Skyrim: 39 square kilometers

PUBG: 64 square kilometers

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 75 square kilometers

Red Dead Redemption 2: 75.1 square kilometers

GTA5: 75.84 square kilometers

Far Cry 2: 80 square kilometers

Fallout 4: 111 square kilometers

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt: 218 square kilometers

Assassins Creed Odyssey: 235 square kilometers

Xenoblade Chronicles X: 399 square kilometers

Burnout Paradise: 518 square kilometers

True Crime: Streets Of LA: 622 square kilometers

TCG World: 800 square kilometers

Just Cause 3: 1036 square kilometers Map Size Source

Leave a comment and let me know what you plan to build on your plot!

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