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What We Know About Farming in TCG World So Far (Updated 4-23)

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Old Gold Farm Plot with Old Image

Farming is going to be a big part of TCG World, and players have a lot of questions.

Farmers will be able to earn TCG2 by growing and harvesting crops. It'll basically be gamified staking - you'll buy seeds, plant them, tend to the crops over time, and eventually harvest the crop, earning you a bit more TCG2 than what you started with.

TCG World plans to release a farming whitepaper towards the end of Q2 this year, which will reveal all the specific details about farming and how much someone can earn from doing it.

Facts about Farms:

- There are 25,000 total farming plots in TCG World. - 16625 Silver Farms (16x16 size)

- 7500 Gold Farms (32x32 size)

- 625 Platinum Farms (64x64 size)

- 250 Diamond Farms (128x128 size)

- Farms are spread throughout the map - in all 4 regions.

- Farms cannot operate a business on them.

- Regional bonus does not apply to farms (such as forest faster Sprite evolutions)

- Farms will be able to have billboards placed on them (advertisements).

- Gold and Platinum farms sold out way faster than the other type of plots in their presale.

- There will be a fixed amount of TCG2 set aside for farming each month. - Month to month allotment of TCG2 will vary.

- What you'll earn is heavily dependent upon the price of TCG2.

- You can build anything on a farm (no businesses of course)

- Up to 50% of each plot can be used for farming.

On January 28th on Telegram, David Evans said the following:

"We have allocated TCG2.0 monthly for the farming rewards. Each farm type will have a different number of plantations available for different crops. you will buy seeds using TCG2 and each seed will have a different yield cycle, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days etc. Once the seed is matured you harvest the crops and receive the cost of seed plus interest. the amount of potential earnings will depend on the coin price at the time of launch as there is a fixed allocation of tokens from the TCG Treasury, plus in game revenue will contribute towards the free to earn and farming rewards so it may change monthly with the amount of rewards available. Depending on market price of TCG2 it could vary hugely for the rewards."

On February 10th, David added:

"Farm benefits depend on TCG2 price, we currently have around 500,000 TCG2 per month to allocate between the farming and event budget, depending on how many farms are owned by launch we will be able to better gauge the rewards and budget. We can provide a worst case calculation if all farms were owned and active but that won’t be the case by launch so we will adapt accordingly"

Update 3-25-2021

TCG World has said they expect that farms will not have regional bonuses applied to them. This means farms in the forest will not have creature evolution bonuses. David said:

Best option currently is for farms to be allowed creatures but not the regional benefits. We have not started the development of the creature systems yet but as of today discussions with the studio indicate its best to keep the farms seperate but to still allow the farms to have creatures on them. This is all still early in the development of the creature evolution and battles

I kinda expected this as that would make 1/4th of the farms basically better than the rest of the world's farms. This evens the playing field.

I will keep everyone informed of any future updates to farming.

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