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Five Weird Things I Want To Do In TCG World

Here's some fun things I'd like to be able to do or see in TCG World one day.

1. Metal Detect the Metaverse

Photo by Carnaby Gilany on Unsplash

I want to sling a metal detector over the beaches, near the riverbed, over by the ruins, and anywhere else I find myself! Metal detecting would be fun for a lot of people! And it would be something to do in-between hunting for Sprites and Crystals. Imagine if you could dig up TCG2? Or find some much needed scrap metal for crafting something cool in the game?

Example of metal detecting in an existing game: In GTA5 (NoPixel Server) You can metal detect pretty much anywhere, but it's mostly beaches, hillsides, and mountains that are considered the best spots. Players also get pings for special events, such as washed up crates that have gold chains, and meteors sometimes streak across the sky to hit an area where it would be profitable to metal detect.

There's also different levels of metal detectors where better quality / higher level detectors get better loot. There's also different trowels you can get for digging. Finding a rare power trowel lasts for around 2 hours only but gives GREAT loot.

2. Go to Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and Farmers Markets

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Imagine scheduled events where people can come together in one place, socialize, and sell their wares. Set up in an existing booth and sell stuff they've found in TCG World, or perhaps stuff they're selling from their business.

Imagine you're a business set up wayyyyy over by the ruins. A farmers market type event would mean you could move your business to a central location and join potentially hundreds of other businesses in one spot for a few hours, or perhaps even a whole day. Your business would get more exposure. You could talk to other vendors there, make friends, and gain new customers you maybe wouldn't have ever had a chance to interact with.

Example: GTA5 NoPixel has a flea market situation in 2 areas. The day market is a farmers market that's open only during the day. People sign into pre-made stalls and can sell their wares. There's a separate night market in a different location that acts the same way, but only at night. This area also boasts a stage for musical performances that can be heard by everyone in that area.

3. Cook, Bake, Prepare Food

Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

What if you could slice and dice those Sprites we catch? Cook those little creatures up to serve them to your friends! Does Draco taste like chicken?

Or.. maybe something as innocent as farms producing food you could prepare that gives players temporary boosts and abilities (an added utility to farming?). Or adventuring into the world and finding fruits and vegetables to prepare healthy meals.

A mechanic like this in TCG World would give players something extra to do. They could sell these buffs to those who wouldn't want to spend time doing it. Or you could simply cook to sell to NPCs to get some TCG2.

Incorporate some NFT rewards for champion bakers and star cooks.. would be a lot of fun! Add some educational aspects such as cooking classes, where people can learn how to prepare healthy meals from their metaverse kitchen, or from a chef school. Teach people about nutrition. It's much needed.

4. Go to Community-Lead Events

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

This one is on you and me. I would like to see the community of players make the most of TCG World by hosting special events on their own, without TCG World organizing them.

Let's say you're a musician and want to perform for folks. There's a stage setup on your plot, but you don't have the time to advertise the event on your own. You could hire someone to do all the work for you, and you'd just show up for the gig and to see all those smiles in the crowd.

What if you're a struggling business and are looking for a creative way to spark more interest in your brand? A friend is having a birthday or an anniversary? Wedding in the Metaverse?

The possibilities here are endless. An event coordinator might be one of the most popular roles to be in the game, and could potentially make a lot of coin doing this, all whilst boosting community engagement and fun in the game.

TCG World could help out with this in some way by maybe having an in-game phone with an Event app. Or a community events board of some sort.

5. Have a Profession

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

I always enjoyed games that have professions. Such as you could become a blacksmith, or perhaps a tailor, or some other type of unique job that grants you special abilities.

A player could only have one, maybe two professions tops. A leveling system for them where at higher levels you can create or do more advanced things. It doesn't have to grant the player an advantage - but maybe something fun like an emote or dance.

- Animal Tamer: give your Sprites unique fighting abilities or cute emotes.

- Blacksmith: forge gear that would help your Sprites in battle.

- Tailor: make your own shirts in-game (think Animal Crossing's pixel shirt maker - lots of fun!)

- Magician / Enchanter: to learn some fun emotes only available to this profession.

- Wine Maker: Smash some grapes and swirl some wine

- Joker / Jester: Squirt flowers, prank themed emotes, etc.

I dunno, this has been a thought in the back of my head that I think would make TCG World a lot of fun. Can you think of any fun professions?

Thanks for reading!

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Thomas Edward Luke
Thomas Edward Luke
Mar 28, 2022

Great Article! Love it!

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