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The Sprite Report Interviews #01 - CryptoBull

CryptoBull. The King of Voice Chats.

CryptoBull. The King of Voice Chats.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've either been helped by this man personally, or you at least know his voice. CryptoBull has been hosting regular, almost daily voice chats over on TCG World's Telegram for months. He's a Certified Real Estate Agent with TCG World and has been an advisor to many projects, including TCG.

There was no one else I wanted for my first interview here on The Sprite Report, and I'm so glad he was kind enough to accept. I hope everyone enjoys the wise words of the one, the only, CryptoBull!

How did you first find out about TCG World?

I met Jace the chief gaming officer in a private chat. The rest is history.

Where are you going to visit first in Alpha testing?

The Waterfronts.

What's your favorite region in TCG World and why?

My favorite region would have to be Forest for all that it has to offers and I love the beach.

Any chance of seeing you stream TCG World?

There is good possibility I will be streaming.

Do you have any plans to build anything in TCG World?

Yes I will be building a few homes and a lot of waterfront docks to hold boats attached to the properties on the waterfront.

On the map today, in terms of plots still available, where are you surprised there's still some left to buy?

As far plots still available I'm surprised there is a lot left in the North region near the ski resort.

Outside of TCG World, what are your hobbies and interests? Of those hobbies and interests, do you plan to bring any of them into TCG World?

My outside interests is fishing in the warm months and playing live poker, and yes I would like to bring them into TCG World and maybe have a private club to play poker.

What is something that you wish you knew from the very beginning that you now realize about TCG World?

What I know today that I wish I knew was the updated map with real world experience locations and waterways exposed.

Your Telegram profile says "Adviser to CEO of TCG". What are some things you advise David on?

My advisor role has taken on many forms! In the beginning it was matching up the CEO with needed services before the metaverse was as big as it is now. Also in reference to taking care of the community, which he does better then any other CEO I know!! Staking was his first gift to the community to reward them for their patience as the metaverse gets built out, and I facilitated the space where that should take place safely.

There are other things but I cant say.

You're a big participant in both the main chat and voice chats over on Telegram. You've helped just about everyone at one time or another. Out of all the people you've helped, and all the stories you've heard, what's the one that sticks out most?

Yes I have helped many old and new community members and I try to treat them all the same. There is no one story that sticks out, there are so many, but the most important theme that resonates with me is appreciation, and I have heard that numerous times.

In fact one just happened today. Here is the copy of what was sent to me that meant the world to me.

So few words have such a massive impact. Dave our CEO also knows he can trust me and not worry about what I do or say. He knows I always have TCG at front and center and would always represent in the first class way. That is why he has told me I am a very trusted advisor. Good or bad I tell the truth to him!

Out of all the ideas you've heard from the community (not the team or devs), are there any you're excited about and hope to see in TCG?

FISHING TOURNAMENTS!! That's one I heard and I think its a perfect idea.

Dragon NFTs. Land Plots. TCG2 Coin. Which one are you most confident about in 5 years?

Out of the three... In the short term the Dragon NFTS will have the biggest value impact for sure. The coins and the plots will develop over time, around maybe 12-24 months, then explode. Some of the plots will take over being the biggest asset over the dragons! But you never know the mythical dragon one of ten could be worth a few hundred thousand down the road.

What advice would you give someone who just found TCG World today?

The advice I would give anyone new is to research the CEO and the top levels of the team, then the project, and compare TCG World to everything out in crypto. There is no comparison!! Then I would acquire as many dragons as possible then split the next move with coins and plots.

What is something in TCG World that you've personally had influence in making?

The most influence I have had is the open voice chats. I've been holding them since September and they have grown in popularity ever since. It is the perfect way to interact with all of the community, and they like it cause it is not a written response. They hear it from a trusted source. They have become so popular our Chief of Business Development (Alex Nase) has incorporated it into his weekly routine after our AMAs and they are very popular. He has the details to ask more specific questions and everyone looks forward to them!

I also introduced the famous Marvel and DC Comics artist Mike Miller to TCG World. Mike Miller is a World Class Artist and a game play Innovator. I just had a good feeling it would turn into something big for both parties and turns out I was right. It has changed the current and future landscape of in-game play for TCG World for years to come! The CEO has given me a nickname that I love which is THE KING OF VOICE CHATS! Definitely something I have dedicated effort and hundreds of voice chat hours and they never get old. Most run 7-10 hours at a time and it seems like it's only ten minutes to me so its a win win for everyone.

Thank you CryptoBull for taking the time to answer these questions, and for the many hours spent dedicated to answering the community's questions!

CryptoBull has a side project launching soon called Cryptoskunkz! Cryptoskunkz is a NFT project that will involve blending skunkz to create Super NFTs. The characters will also be featured in an upcoming game. Keep up to date with his project on Twitter!

You can find CryptoBull on Twitter and on Telegram.

You can also find CryptoBull, and the rest of the TCG World Community, on the Official TCG World Telegram Channel!

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Mar 11, 2022

looking forward to the first Metaverse's Podcast on TCG's virtual world! 😂


Shelley Raine
Shelley Raine
Mar 10, 2022

I love learning about Waltt! He really is the King of Voice Chats. He is amamzing at giving TCG related insight as well as giving the community the tools on how to develop their own ambitions inside the TCG world metaverse, as well as life. He is a inspiration , and I look forward to scrolling onto the TCG telegram to find him chatting it up with the community .

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