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TCG World Website Updates

Have you visited the TCG World website lately? There's more exciting updates!

The last big update was the staking page update, with the addition of filters to make it easier to see which pools your coins are staked in. You can read about those changse here!

Today's update contains 3+ months of development updates, closing out 2022. Plus some updates to the profile page.

Here's what was updated:

The Profile page has been updated with the following:

- A link to download of the game launcher. (please note: Alpha only available to land owners at this time)

- The ability to add Space.ID as your username.

I'm not sure if this next thing was part of this update, or a previous one. But I just noticed you can filter the plots you have by "all", "on sale", "on auction" and "active listing" under your Profile Activity section.

The Game page has been updated with the following: - A link to the download of the game launcher.

- October, November and December game updates, as follows:


Development Updates

December 2022
  • Game development :

    • Rings collection mechanics in the world

    • Bellere showroom added into the world

    • Added tip and binding control for camera switch in vehicles

    • Vehicle high speed camera fix

    • New vehicle camera system (3 options, press V to change)

    • Build preparation for NFT integration with mystery boxes mechanics Fixes: - Dragon shift, dragon camera - Creatures afraid of cars - UI PopUp on start game - No radar in vehicle - Logs smaller and clearer - Port “yoga” fix - Whoopsie character fix - No more GPU weight in main menu

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Mystery box development and release

    • Game/Web/Blockchain api development for car ownership and other assets management

  • World Generation :

    • Biomes updates

    • New LOD System development

  • Blockchain Development :

    • Mystery box and cars SC development


Development Updates

November 2022
  • Game development :

    • Sprites hunt in beta testing started

    • Sprites leaderboard development and web/blockchain sync

    • Post Process and Graphics updates

    • New 3d Impostors system

    • New arcade cars physics, nft assets sync

Site frontend and backend development :

  • Cars Mystery box mechanics development

  • Marketplace release

  • Land trade via sales and auctions

  • Marketplace first version deployed, see highlights above

  • Profile page upgrades

  • UX & UI upgrades

  • Many bugs fixed

  • Blockchain Development :

    • Marketplace SC development and release

    • Cars SC development


Development Updates

October 2022
Game development :
  • AU Stadium optimization update

  • Overpasses (beta version)

  • Dragons mechanics changes and improvements

  • "My lands" ui changes and ux fixes

  • Multiple stability fixes

  • New builder version!

  • Party build development

  • Joystick support added

  • Voice chat added

  • Sprites radar added

  • New car sounds

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Game and web api development

    • Marketplace development

    • Map FE optimisation

  • World Generation :

    • More sprites added into the world

    • Teleportation fixes

    • Castles modeling

    • New roads and tunnels system implementation

  • Blockchain Development :

    • Marketplace SC development

    • Eth staking development

    • Cross chain swap v2 released

That's all that I've seen, if you've found anything else that's been updated that I haven't already mentioned, please let me know!

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Thank you for putting in the time to put this together. As always great information. Had no idea about the Space ID. Going to look into that now. 🙏🙏🙏

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