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TCG World Virtual Land Gold Rush - What's Still Available in the East Region

Opinion only. Not Financial Advice.

An important reminder that Gold Plots in TCG World are going up in price! From 1 BNB to at least 2 BNB in the Presale. No date set, but we've been told BEFORE Alpha. Alpha begins in about 2 weeks. If you want virtual land in the East Region - you may want to act fast!

Here's what's left in the East!

If you want to be close to the Public Gallery / the Main TCG World City? You'll need a Silver size. Golds are sold out in the inner ring, you'll need to go 4 squares away to get close to the main city.

You can get pretty close to the Fishing Lake though! And the river. I imagine these will be fun spots to have!

You'll be half a square away, but there's some spots decently close to Airport T2 which is in the NE of the Region. Owning one of these spots gets you close to an Airport, to the River, to the Fishing Lake, and to the Ancient Ruins. In my opinion, this corner is likely some of the best spots available for golds.

You'll be half a square away from the Ancient Ruins - I'm surprised these are still left!

Fancy a game of golf? You can't get right in front of the golf course in the metaverse, but just next to it. Added benefit for these spots is they'll be close to the Ancient Ruins as well as the Beach!

Speaking about the beach, there's some close spots! If you choose to get a gold in the middle of the beach, you'll be in between an Airport and the Golf Course. Mix that with the sandy shores.... might be a good location!

You can get pretty close to Airport T1 with golds. I also want to point out the left bottom square of the region. Not only will this have some traffic from the Airport, but could have some water traffic too, depending on if river travel is a thing. This square could benefit from beach dwellers and river rafters.

Following that corner square up the river towards the main TCG World city.. you can get in pretty close with a gold plot! There's even some gold farms here too!

Want in close to Starship? You'll need to be 2 squares away and to the right. Funky Monkey Frat House and Nafter don't have any golds close to them. But remember, Silver can get you close!

And finally down south, these two GIANT commercial squares - there's some golds near the southern one. But again, if you want close to them you'll need to downgrade to silver.

You can get your virtual land in TCG World here:

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