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TCG World Updates Stream #38 Highlights - The One With 2 Partnership Announcements and MetaV!

TCG World Updates Stream #38.

Starts off with a clip from an Epic Talks interview, that will premiere on May 25th

- Alex is in a hotel room at VeeCon in Minneapolis.

- The MetaV Group guys will join Alex later.

- AMA afterwards in Telegram group.

- Shows a cool video from the MetaV Group showing their last event in Miami.

- Joined by Enzo Wolfe and Jake Cortez from MetaV.

- MetaV Group basically talks about what they do and how they want to impact people in a positive way.

- MetaV Group is based out of Miami. Miami is becoming the epicenter for Crypto. They've formed a quick and close relationship with TCG World, and Alex says that in the past month they've been pretty inseparable.

- MetaV Group will have their Bitcoin Safehouse within TCG World. A copy of it.

- They have looked at several other metaverses, and they didn't compare with TCG World.

- They believe in a safe, inclusive metaverse world. They use the word movement a few times. They want the experience to be one where everyone is excited, not scared to enter TCG World, a safe space for children and adults to not have to worry about creeps, basically.

- They work to help and teach people about the crypto/metaverse space, especially youth.

- MetaV is helping TCG World meet a bunch of people to get them into the metaverse. Doing it on their own, they're not part of the team, but are really working to get people to meet Alex / TCG World.

MetaV Group's Twitter:

MetaV Group's Instagram:

- Julian from the MetaV team joins the call.

- He talks about educating the youth and making an impact there.

- While Julian talks about the Bitcoin Safehouse, Enzo turns the camera and shows it off. Lots of super cars, crazy art (NFTs) on the walls. It's a huge huge complex.

- Alex says he hopes to get a 2nd place in Miami since he's gonna be there so much - and they said they'd go half on the place to share it / help him out.

- Alex shows a video of Jake talking about an event they're hosting coming up called Epic Talks.

- They hint at driving their car into the metaverse. They're building a "portal" in the safehouse to enter TCG World. Likely hints of something cool they're coming up with.

- Alex hopes to have a future Twitter Space with them.

The Updates:

- Miami Permissionless Convention - Met with several projects and people. Hung out with the Harmony team. - Now at VeeCon in Minneapolis

- Will have multiple meetings there.

- Epic Talks event incoming - May 25th

- Invites people in the Miami area to come by. Ton of speakers.

- Gold plots are back on sale. 1 BNB

- About to announce a deal they've been working on since February.

- Some of the deals decided to upgrade to city plots, thus freeing the gold plots back up.

- The deal change brings more capital money to TCG World.

- Partnership with Admix Confirmed. It's an advertising agency for the metaverse, using them for some things he's not at liberty to talk about yet.

- Partnership with Rev3al Confirmed. These guys are partnered with the MetaV Group and are doing some stuff with NFT security, gamification with NFTs and such.

- Alex will have them on soon to do a demo.

Weekly Giveaway Winners:

- Metaverse Expo Giveaway

- @417 degen.eth won a Silver Plot

- Twitter Giveaway

- @Cobenle38 wins a Dragon NFT!

- Interview with MetaV Summit incoming.

- Next Alpha Group has entered (Mods, Real Estate Agents, and Lore Team are in)

- Looking at pictures vs being in the world itself hits different. Much better being in the game.

- Shows some pictures (repeated pictures from his Twitter)

- Blockster Interview / Magazine Event coming up. They're doing a lot of stories on crypto projects and metaverses. Try to make it as simple as possible, without the tech talk. Event is sponsored by Lamborghini.

- Alex showed a quick video.. of him walking lol.

- Another video of Alex showing some people the game / Alpha.

- Alex will be talking more with Blokster in the future.

- Talks about the Volcano Video. Video below.

- Talks about Alpha moving along, with new builds. Next build is a large one, and they hope they'll be able to get the Diamond holders in soon, and others.

- Alex thanks everyone for their patience, wants everyone to get into Alpha as soon as possible, but some bugs are coming up, but for the most part the game is running great for everyone.

- Ends on Alpha Biome video.

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