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TCG World Updates Stream #38 Highlights - The One With 2 Partnership Announcements and MetaV!

TCG World Updates Stream #38.

Starts off with a clip from an Epic Talks interview, that will premiere on May 25th

- Alex is in a hotel room at VeeCon in Minneapolis.

- The MetaV Group guys will join Alex later.

- AMA afterwards in Telegram group.

- Shows a cool video from the MetaV Group showing their last event in Miami.

- Joined by Enzo Wolfe and Jake Cortez from MetaV.

- MetaV Group basically talks about what they do and how they want to impact people in a positive way.

- MetaV Group is based out of Miami. Miami is becoming the epicenter for Crypto. They've formed a quick and close relationship with TCG World, and Alex says that in the past month they've been pretty inseparable.

- MetaV Group will have their Bitcoin Safehouse within TCG World. A copy of it.

- They have looked at several other metaverses, and they didn't compare with TCG World.

- They believe in a safe, inclusive metaverse world. They use the word movement a few times. They want the experience to be one where everyone is excited, not scared to enter TCG World, a safe space for children and adults to not have to worry about creeps, basically.

- They work to help and teach people about the crypto/metaverse space, especially youth.

- MetaV is helping TCG World meet a bunch of people to get them into the metaverse. Doing it on their own, they're not part of the team, but are really working to get people to meet Alex / TCG World.

MetaV Group's Twitter:

MetaV Group's Instagram:

- Julian from the MetaV team joins the call.

- He talks about educating the youth and making an impact there.

- While Julian talks about the Bitcoin Safehouse, Enzo turns the camera and shows it off. Lots of super cars, crazy art (NFTs) on the walls. It's a huge huge complex.

- Alex says he hopes to get a 2nd place in Miami since he's gonna be there so much - and they said they'd go half on the place to share it / help him out.

- Alex shows a video of Jake talking about an event they're hosting coming up called Epic Talks.

- They hint at driving their car into the metaverse. They're building a "portal" in the safehouse to enter TCG World. Likely hints of something cool they're coming up with.

- Alex hopes to have a future Twitter Space with them.

The Updates:

- Miami Permissionless Convention - Met with several projects and people. Hung out with the Harmony team. - Now at VeeCon in Minneapolis

- Will have multiple meetings there.

- Epic Talks event incoming - May 25th

- Invites people in the Miami area to come by. Ton of speakers.

- Gold plots are back on sale. 1 BNB

- About to announce a deal they've been working on since February.

- Some of the deals decided to upgrade to city plots, thus freeing the gold plots back up.

- The deal change brings more capital money to TCG World.

- Partnership with Admix Confirmed. It's an advertising agency for the metaverse, using them for some things he's not at liberty to talk about yet.

- Partnership with Rev3al Confirmed. These guys are partnered with the MetaV Group and are doing some stuff with NFT security, gamification with NFTs and such.

- Alex will have them on soon to do a demo.

Weekly Giveaway Winners:

- Metaverse Expo Giveaway

- @417 degen.eth won a Silver Plot

- Twitter Giveaway

- @Cobenle38 wins a Dragon NFT!

- Interview with MetaV Summit incoming.

- Next Alpha Group has entered (Mods, Real Estate Agents, and Lore Team are in)