TCG World Updates Stream #35 Highlights - Alex Interviews The Dragon Guild!

Updated: Apr 30

- Alex's voice is rough due to being in so many meetings.

- Alex said he had a 6.5 hour conversation on the phone yesterday.

- It's been non-stop meetings.

- Because of his voice issues, he's not gonna join the AMA afterwards on TCG's Telegram - but there will still be an AMA with a lot of mods and the team.

- Starts off with an interview with the Dragon Guild! Alex is joined by Jardar and Robert!

Interview Portion: - Dragon Guild talks about how they came up with the idea and why they joined TCG World.

- It was a 4.6 million dollar land purchase.

- They wanted to build a project that was special.

- Buzz from the Cyber Hornets is the one who introduced them to TCG World.

- They had previously bought some plots, and followed Alex's AMAs for a while.

- They researched several metaverses and found TCG World to have the most potential, better graphics, gaming and utility within TCG World, some of the many reasons they bought in.

- They came to Alex confident with the idea and presented it in great detail. "Great game plan." - They went the Guild route with their NFT project to form a community and help each other out, one big happy family.

- 4.6 million is a record for virtual land (8901 plots), last record purchase was around 4.3 million.

- 8,888 plots will make up the guild.

- How to be a part of this? Go to their Discord

- Their NFTs are tied to their plots. 8,888 - a mix of Silver, Gold and Platinum Plots. Totally random at mint. - When you mint their NFT, you get a plot of land along with the NFT.

- At least 1% of the 8888 plots are Platinum plots they said.

- When you buy the NFT you get membership to their Guild.

- Building a community center.

- TCG is building 3 guild buildings for them.

- Guild members who own the NFTs can use those 3 buildings on their plots if they wish!

- Plus more bonuses they say.

- Alex says Mike Miller got involved to help them with something - didn't say what.

- Their artist is Matt Cossin.

- Final Thoughts: They're super excited about the community they're building, building it organically, and with amazing people. They thank the community for helping out so much. For more info, Go to their Discord

Here's the Dragon Guild's Website: Here's the Dragon Guild's Twitter:

See The Sprite Report's Interview with the Dragon Guild Here:

The Updates Portion:

- Talks about their Twitter Space with Starship from Wednesday

- TCG will do more Twitter Spaces to catch up with their partners.

- Talks about their Twitter Space with Pluto Alliance from yesterday.

- Large Interview Incoming - It's in Post Production right now. He says it's the largest interview he's done. Will likely drop in the next week or two.

- Alex says a lot of people have reached out to him for interviews and podcasts.

- On the studio side, Mike Miller's creatures are coming to life! Alex shows the picture below, and animation of it running.

- More creatures incoming.

- Day/Night cycle in Alpha is changing to 55 minutes daylight, 5 minutes night.

- Studio is making a new build with updates and bug fixes every 3-4 days for Alpha.

- Jace created a night video for everyone! Alex shows it. Screenshot below:

- Alpha is making progress, but they're not at the point to bring plot owners in quite yet.

TCG World Giveaway Winners: - Twitter Space with Starship: - @Vanhungwe won a silver plot.

- Sunday Funday Giveaway on Twitter: - @Antoine_TSP won a silver plot.

- He thanks ... ME! and shouts out The Sprite Report!

- Alex shows the website.

- Alex goes through the Elongate article. Click here for that.

- Alex shows the article about the Hub. Click here for that.

- High level meetings taking place.

- Alex is GOING BACK TO MIAMI!! Leaving next week.

- Meeting with multiple individuals.

- Everyone he met from the last trip to Miami, they're working with all of them. Nobody has bailed. Some are signed already! Some are verbal agreements yet to be signed.

- Alex says he needs to go back to Miami at the end of May too!

- TCG World is attending VeeCon (Gary Vee's convention)

- And TCG World is going to Dallas Texas too! It's a large event, major celebs, political figures, etc. Alex didn't name it, but said it was a "Get Together".

- 4 trips in May.

- Jace will have a streaming event that will have GIVEAWAYS!

- Next Group incoming for Alpha soon! Mods and Real Estate Agents! Then if everything continues to be good, the land owners will start coming in starting with the Diamonds, and these phases

- More videos incoming!

- More surprises incoming!

- More announcements incoming!

Alex ends with the awesome Biomes video.

See this AMA for yourself on Youtube:

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