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TCG World Updates Stream #34 Highlights - Fashion Week

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Here's all the highlights from today's live update stream with Alex Nase from TCG World!

- Stream starts off with the Australian Sunrise segment on TCG World and Virtual Land, featuring Lisa and her son. GREAT SEGMENT I highly recommend reading my article on it: Click Here for that.

- Because of the Sunrise video, Alex said they're getting on more streaming services coming up.

- Alex reminds everyone to max out the video quality for your best viewing experience.

- TCG did a Twitter Space with Women in Crypto (Jules) back on Wednesday. Click Here for that.

- Alex did an interview with Cryptolution (see down below)

- More interviews incoming, Including one with a huge streaming service.

- Next week on Friday they're doing the AMA with The Dragon Guild (The group who bought 4.6 million dollars worth of plots in TCG World)

- Bringing back partners to their live streams.

- Mentioned hints in Tweets - mentions David's 8-flame emoji tweet. Alex confirms that was the 8 flames for 8,888 plots. Always watch for hidden meaning, hints, and clues in the Main Account, David and Alex's tweets!

- Ben went to a VIP Fashion Show for the Metaverse. David met them in Paris. Basically they told the Fashion Show people to give them 24 hours to show them a video for them to showcase at the Fashion Show.

- TCG Travel Agency announced. Working with a project right now - will have a whole Travel Agency in the world. More announced in future streams.

- Uniswap Presale - And another Swap incoming!

- Working with 2 other blockchains right now, possibly a third.

TCG Giveaway Winners:

- Twitter Space with Women in Crypto

- @cryptolockers1 won a silver plot

- Sunday Funday Giveaway

- cscautossky.com8 (instagram) won a silver plot AND an Alpha Pass!

- David met with the CFO of Hacken, and TCG World is getting more Audits to make sure TCG World has mega security for everyone.

- Because of David's trip to Paris, they're gonna get fast tracked to get Coinmarketcap and Coingecko updates - expected in a few weeks.

- Working with Aussie Crypto Convention - doing a lot of stuff in Australia

- Alex hints of more stuff and news coming out of Australia (he says wink wink)

- Update on Alpha - They're building a lot of different things right now for Alpha. Alpha is a big deal and TCG World doesn't want to screw it up.

- Casually mentions he had a high level meeting before this AMA started (which is why he's in a suit)

- He says people want to log in and that's when people will pull the triggers. They've run into some bugs, run into some layering issues. They've been updating the world and more upgrades to TCG World. They want people to log into something incredible, and TCG World isn't quite there yet. They're gonna take a little more time to make sure TCG World is top quality. Which means it's gonna take a little bit longer than expected for each group to enter. They want it ot be a top quality experience for everyone. No rushing the Alpha. "Let's do it right."

- Alex mentions some games in the past few years that rushed the games release and testing and got bad reviews, had to refund, etc. TCG World doesn't want to be like that, and Alex / TCG World wants to be honest and up front to everyone.

- Working on new cars and stats, showed some pictures

- TCG is hosting a Metaverse Expo in Las Vegas July 8th to 10th.

- More Record - key word there - More Record Land Deals Incoming!

- More partnerships are being signed.

- Talks about celebs, businesses and people wanting to come into a growing metaverse who retains users and everything looks good.

- Secondary Market in Process.... They're working on the marketplace - they had expected to release it near launch but now they hope to release it a lot earlier! (what's that sound? Everyone's rejoicing!)

- Alpha updates - Alex is downloading, major update today to it that he's downloading. It's a large file right now. Studio keeps updating the world to make it a special experience.

- Alex says he has some surprises incoming..... More Videos - TCG Hub video updated (original one seen last week) - Alex talks about major people he's met, major deals being signed and happening.. right now.. They're being very strategic right now, waiting for the right time to announce each one.

- Two more people joined their team that are very well connected individuals, they're hooking TCG World up with celebrities and business CEOs, they have lots of contacts on speed dial. Very skilled people helping them out to get the foot in the door to these folks, and David and Alex close the door as TCG World sells itself : )

- Alex shows a video. Video has HUB footage from last week, with some male fashion stuff, even the guy riding a dragon.

Note: Mini Map seen in photos!!

- Alex says he can stream the video very soon. Hasn't had time to play any at all because of all the meetings he's had to do.

- Update ends with the Alpha preview video, and then Mark's video.

See the whole stream here:

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