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TCG World Shows off new Dragon Cave Swag

Just announced - the store has some new gear in it.

For Dragon owners you can now get your NFT on a hoodie! Just enter the dragon NFT's number and you can get a hoodie. It even has a QR Code that links to the NFT on Opensea, very cool!

They also added a TCG World Cave Club Hat:

When asked if the shirts would be able to have the Dragon NFT on them, the answer was unfortunately no. The shirt will look exactly like it does above. Only the hoodie can have the Dragon NFT image.

That's a bummer to hear, as I'd much rather have a shirt over a hoodie with my Dragon on it. I'd rock the shirt above too, just wish it had my dragon.

You can see all this gear and more TCG World themed swag over at - 3 pages of greatness!

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