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TCG World Shows More of the Interface! First Look at the Pause Menu, Movement Commands, Tutorials

Today there were 3 new videos released and we got to see more of the interface that will be in TCG World. Let's take a look!

First look at the Pause Menu:

Stop. It's Menu Time.

This menu is very clean! I love the blue, looks very nice.

We see the following buttons: - Continue

- Settings

- Exit to Main Menu

- Exit to Desktop

Below that there appears to be a music selector, with arrows left and right to select what song you want to listen to. Very cool!

On the bottom left of the screen, we see the movement commands for both the character as well as how to operate vehicles!

High Beams! Awesome, we can blind people.

Character controls are as follows:

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Sprint

C - Crouch

E - Interact/Mount/Dismount

TAB - Activate Cursor

WASD controls are standard for movement, there's no surprise there.

Sprint - not Run - that's interesting!

Vehicle controls are as follows:

W - Move Forward

S - Move Back

A/D - Left Right

E - Get Out

L - Low Beam Lights

K - High Beam Lights

So our vehicles will also have the standard WASD movement. No surprise there.

It's kinda interesting that we have the options for low beam and high beam lights.

Bottom right corner shows the wallet address and a Refresh Button.

Then we got to see more building! Building looks to be so easy to do in the game. And rather fast!

First look at Building Commands:

Tutorial for Build System

W/S - move offset by Z coordinate

A/D - move offset by X coordinate

R/F - move offset by Y coordinate

Q/E - scale all edges

Up/Down arrows - scale by Z coordinate

Left/Right arrow - scale by X coordinate

RShift/RCtrl(Command) - scale by Y coordinate

MouseWheel - rotate

Keep the right mouse button pressed to control the camera

Seems simple enough, right?

Bottom shows a Search Field and buttons for: Build, Interior, Exterior and NFTs.

Build It and They Will Come

Options under the Build Tab: Floors, Walls, Other Build and Foundation

Guessing stuff like Roofs, Decks, etc. may be under "Other Build".

No need for an Ikea trip.

Lots of Interior Options! Decor, Chairs, Lights, Tables, Kitchen, Carpets, Bathroom, Electronics, Soft and Bed, and Kitchen Props.

Plenty to decorate with! And I'm sure this is just a starter package, there will be even more over time to decorate with!

The great outdoors!

The Exterior tab only has three options: "Other", Rock and Tree, and Grass and Flowers.

Likely this will be one of my favorite tabs to play with, as I love nature.

We didn't see the NFTS tab open up any further, but we did see the NFT's in the inventory to choose from.

Why do dragons sleep during the day? So they can fight knights!

And one NFT up on a wall. There's a reason the dragons have awesome frames!

No running indoors, Sir.

So what do you think of these? Do they look good? I'm loving the clean, blue interface that was shown. Buttons look great. Everything you need is there it seems. Is it missing anything?

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