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TCG World News for May 8th 2022

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New Partnership: TCG World announced this morning a new partnership with MetaVGroup. They're a Miami based investment group and, I'd guess, likely to be one of the reasons Alex is in Miami having so many meetings.

You can visit their website here:

Alex is tweeting from Miami: "Standing by a big jumbotron. We’re going to be introducing people to our world tonight!"

"Quite a week planned!! There was a reason we created a racing video in the last few days. 😊 Vroom vroom."

"Day 1 of Miami (yesterday). Went to an after party. Hosts of the event even let us showcase the world up on one of their jumbotrons! You can check their Twitter for more pics! Lots of great people there!! And met some interesting contacts."

Sonya Mulkeet from Project Nightfall Organization announced as a Speaker! TCG World's Announcement: We are VERY excited to confirm that Sonya Mulkeet from Project Nightfall Organization will be speaking at #TheMetaverseExpo22 event in Las Vegas, 8th - 10th July 🤟

Join us for a fun packed 3 day event! Tickets on sale now 👇

Another video from MetaBitBros! They are reviewing the Race Track. See it below and click through to add a comment, like, and subscribe!

Instagram to Support NFTs From Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow

Awesome News! Get ready to display our Dragons soon! Looks like it'll be as soon as tomorrow perhaps.

Happy Mother's Day 2022 all!

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