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TCG World News for May 7th 2022

Updated: May 7, 2022

Make sure to always click through to hear all of the day's news and visit all links! And some exclusive Alpha Screenshots!

Jace, the Chief Gaming Officer, streamed for 5 hours yesterday. It started with a bunch of giveaways (over 2 hours of them!) and then he booted up Alpha to show everyone on Twitch for the very first time. There were 300-450 people throughout the stream.

Prizes given away: Silver Plots, Dragon NFTs, and multiple partner NFTs. Congrats to the winners!

When he got into Alpha, I was able to join him. That's me in a pink bear costume! Here's some quick, unedited screenshots I took from last night's stream:

Link to TCG World's Twitch:

Link to last night's stream (Will only be available for 2 weeks):

Update on Ethereum TCG2: David provided an update on the Uniswap Launch over on Telegram:

"Great news, we just passed the 50 ETH sales for the Uniswap Presale and the adverts are just starting to go out, I’ll be monitoring the sales between now and Monday and will decide whether to launch it on Monday or a few days later, the more ETH we raise the bigger the liquidity so I don’t mind waiting a few extra days to strengthen the pool!"

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