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TCG World News for May 5th 2022

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David announced yesterday that Platinum Plot owners can place images on the TCG World map. It's expected that all other sized plots will have the same ability coming up very soon. The map is going to look awesome!

Thank you to Jon Ruppert, Chimpizard and CryptoBull on Telegram for letting me use their plot logos!

Agon Hare from Project Nightfall was announced as a speaker for TCG World's Metaverse Expo Convention in Las Vegas. Project Nightfall was one of TCG World's earliest announced partners and has a HUGE following on social media. Their videos reach over 500,000,000 people a month!

Project Nightfall's Facebook:

A reminder of the HUGE event tomorrow! Jace will be streaming live on Twitch! Alpha will be shown to everyone and there will be tons of giveaways, including a plot, a dragon, and a bunch of partner NFTs! You'll definitely watch to catch it live if you can!

The event will start at 9:30pm PST here:

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