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TCG World News for May 2nd 2022

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TCG World is hyping up this Friday's Alpha Stream! Jace will stream starting at 9:30pm PST for 3-4 hours. There will be giveaways, and some of the prizes were announced today! And I'm happy to see some partners are joining in on the action!

Prizes so far:


➡️#TCGDragonCC #NFTs

➡️#TCGWorldAlpha Pass

➡️20x Starship Packs - Starship Twitter:

❤️4x Matic Grey NFTs - Matic Grey Twitter:

The event will be held on Twitch. Make sure to follow TCG World on Twitch and clear your schedule for Friday night!

TCG World announced a new collaboration: #TCGWorldCollabs with @CallmeKhan_ ( to create the #TCGMetaPunks that will be displayed in our #Virtual art gallery inside our #Metaverse 🔥

➡️#TCG Collection


➡️Join the community

In the Plot Channel... which I cannot report news on 'cause that's an exclusive and private channel for plot owners.. David said a lot of fun stuff in there! If you are a plot owner, make sure to reach out to a mod on Telegram to get into that group! That's where all the juicy stuff is!

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