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TCG World News for May 24th 2022

Updated: May 24

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In the latest Alpha build, the Volcano and surrounding areas were put into the game for testers to explore. You get to experience the cave seen in the Youtube video and follow the lava flows up to the volcano to the very top where it's bubbling and erupting.

But the biggest surprise for me was the MASSIVE SCALE of this volcano in the world. You go up and up and.. keep on going up... and.. holy crap up some more! It's so high up in some areas that the dragon doesn't have enough oxygen and stops flying for ya!

And.... that's not all... what they put next to the volcano.. well.. let's just save that for another day.

Disclaimer: This is Alpha. All visuals, locations and.. everything is subject to change.

Enjoy the pictures and see ya tomorrow!

Heading up to the volcano at night. The lava flow glows bright!

Near the top of the volcano - lava balls spewing out left and right.

Day time, outside of the volcano. The mountain is littered in bones and dead trees.

This is a giant skull. It is NOT the giant skull seen in the video, nor the entrance the cave. This skull is probably 3 times larger. This photo does not do the scale of this thing justice.