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TCG World News for May 23rd 2022

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Live Music Event at the Metaverse Expo!

Community member Thousandaire Cquel over on Telegram announced and previewed a new song. And it's TCG World themed! He will be performing the song with his son live in Vegas at the Metaverse Expo!


Tickets to the Metaverse Expo can be found here:

Dragon Guild Shows off some Art!

I've been watching The Dragon Guild's Twitter for a while now, and they've been sprinkling some sneak peaks of their NFTs here and there! These ladies are Dragon Handlers and will be the main characters on their NFTs and lore!

Head on over to The Dragon Guild's Twitter Page to learn more:

I did an interview with the founders when they were first announced. You can check that out here:

Check these ladies out!

Twice as deadly.

Sword. Magic. Wings. Monkey. Monkey has a dagger. I want a monkey.

Time for some Alpha Pics!!

Please note: These screenshots are from Alpha and visuals subject to change.

Got out of bed. Decided to go to Asia today.

These are cookie cutter buildings in plots in Asia. They're put in just to show everyone what could be, instead of having just a blank plot of land showing.

Larger plots in the distance. The Diamonds have some very tall buildings in them.

This silver plot had a camp fire and a tent set up in it!

Still in that plot, looking at a a bigger plot nearby.

Another direction.

A variety of buildings.

A bridge between two buildings.

Pulled out a car for a moment.

Car selfie!

Plots in the distance, beautiful scenery near and far.

Got on my dragon to show ya what the city looks like from above.

Some plots from above - I think these are gold, I may be mistaken.

Did you enjoy these pictures from Asia?

If you want more pictures, please comment!

Hope you enjoyed them! See ya tomorrow!

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