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TCG World News for May 22nd 2022

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TCG World doesn't stand still.

Trees swaying in the wind.

Grass, flowers and bushes too!

Birds chasing each other.

Butterflies fluttering around.

Waves crashing on the shore.

Water rushing.

Birds chirping.

Cricket noises.

Clouds forming.

Stars twinkling.

The sky moving.

There's so much activity in TCG World that you'll likely take for granted, and some might even ignore. But it's these little things, these little details that I absolutely love. They elevate the scene around you. Especially in the forest. I can't say it enough, the forest is absolutely beautiful.

It's Alpha - and I'm usually alone with nobody near me. No plots built upon. Just the scenery.

Imagine the world when it is thriving. People have built on all of their plots. The progression and addition to the graphics and biomes.

TCG World is going to impress.

Youtuber Videos!

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Lots of good ones! Enjoy!

FunkShopTV did an absolutely wonderful interview with E.I.C. Everyday Investor Consortium that discussed TCG World for nearly 30 minutes, including their experience with the TCG Real Estate Agents.

Flores Online Explains is a Youtube channel that talks about the metaverse in general. They did a comparison video of Sandbox and TCG World.

PJ Krypto talks about Cryptocurrency and has some tutorials. Here's a video he made a few days ago about TCG World!

Cryptos Richboy is the OG of Youtubers talking about TCG World. He has been talking about TCG World since May of 2021 - at the very start of the project! If I'm not mistaken, he does a video every day Monday through Friday every week. Here's his latest video:

Meta Bit Bros is a Youtube Channel featuring two brothers who talk not only about TCG World, but also some of TCG's partners! This week they did three videos alone about TCG World! Here's their video talking about the recent Volcano Trailer:

Metaversoon is a channel that discusses many different NFT Projects and usually does 1 or 2 videos a week about TCG World. They often go through The Sprite Report! (Korean Language)

I love seeing all these videos from the community! Keep them coming!

Now for some Alpha Pictures!

Dragon in a field, with plots in the distance.

Chasing a spider. Note: This Sprite is a Unity asset that will be replaced with unique Sprites created by Mike Miller in the future.

Flying above the forest.

Flying above the forest.

Yep... flying above the forest.

It's all I do, fly above the forest. Notice the plots.

Flying flying flying, wings spread!

Me in my pajamas investigating a plot.

Pretty flowers in a plot.

Grass, flower, power.

This tree is in a plot.

Pajama party at the race track.

Jon's photo with the bird!

Hope you enjoyed them! See ya tomorrow!

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