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TCG World News for May 21st 2022

Updated: May 25, 2022

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Gold Farm Frenzy!

Gold Farms completely sold out yesterday. I believe that was around 550 farm plots sold out in about 24 hours.

You can still get silver and platinum farms via the marketplace.

New Team Verification Tool Added to Website

A new tool was added to the official TCG World website that will allow you to verify who you're talking to. Please protect yourself - do not get scammed! There are people out there pretending to be part of the team, offering discounts, deals and asking for money. The team will NEVER DM you first! Anyone DMing you first is likely scamming you.

Please note: This tool is case sensitive. Also know the scammers are crafty, make sure you are copy/pasting the @ user name - and NOT part of a bio, a user name they gave you, or anywhere else. Scammers have been known to put a team member's real username in the bio section to try to deceive. This tool is only one way to verify. If any doubt, ask in the official Telegram. Reach out to a mod or admin. The team wants everyone to be safe with their investments.

To use this tool, visit the website here:

Example of a Team Member:

Example of an incorrect user name:

Keep yourself safe!

Code Upgrade: David said the following earlier today: "Some huge progress made this week for the code for world generation and building smaller chunks for faster rendering so the next few weeks are going to be very exciting, I am hoping Diamonds can start coming in soon."

An Awesome Tweet about MetaBitBros! Look at that shirt!

Now for some Alpha Pictures!

A wonderful pathway in the forest!


These red flowers match my outfit!

This path is pretty large, a dragon can run it nicely!

Hilly in areas.

My dragon stopped to eat something.

Look at the details on the tree.

Hilly Hilly

The forest is absolutely beautiful and it's becoming one of my favorite spots.

Going down a hill.

Looking up at the tall trees.

Dragon in grass.

So many different flowers! I LOVE THE FOREST!

This area is close to plots too!

The path goes on for a ways actually.

The ground looks great.

It's log, It's log, it's big, it's beautiful, it's wood.

And now I'll go deeper into the forest!

Hope you enjoyed them! See ya tomorrow!

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