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TCG World News for May 20th 2022

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Today was Friday. It's Update Day. Alex was live from a hotel, attending VeeCon. See all the notes here:

Two New Partners: Alex surprise announced two new partners! TCG World has partnered with Admix and Rev3al.

Admix is an advertising agency for the metaverse. Their product is a non-intrusive monetization solution for games and digital spaces that puts player experience first.

Rev3al deals with NFT security and gamification of NFTs. They are able to basically put covert digital “watermarks” on NFTs.

Check out Admix here:

Check out Rev3al here:

Lots of Events, Conventions and Interviews!

I don't even think this is the full list. Just what I can remember lol.

Currently at: VeeCon in Minneapolis

May 19th to 22nd.

Blokster Interview / Magazine Event coming up.

Tuesday May 24th, sponsored by Lamborghini.

Epic Talks Presents The Metaverse:

May 25th at the Bitcoin Safehouse in Miami.

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Alpha photos! Love the Forest!

Alpha Main Screen.

Avatar Selection Screen.

Showing off.

The forest is so beautiful.

A plot just off the river.

See the plots on the other side?

Plots near the river, amongst beautiful scenery.

At night, I believe this is the North.

Dragon flying at night in the North.

Flying high, seeing plots.

A random race track pic made it in.

Metallic dragon at night! Due to the moonlight I'm guessing, the dragon looks pretty cool at night.

Hope you enjoyed them! See ya tomorrow!

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