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TCG World News for May 1st 2022

Make sure to always click through to hear all of the day's news! Wen Exchange? Now Exchange! TCG2 is now listed on BEKX as of today!

You can see the TCG2 listing here:

New Contest:

TCG World is running a contest to give away an Otherdeed for Otherside. Otherside is the Bored Ape Metaverse. At the time of this post, the lowest price for an Otherdeed on Opensea is 5 ETH (Some auctions starting for 4.5 ETH).

See them on Opensea here:

The contest is for the first 1000 people to mint land in TCG World.

The first mint after the announcement on Sunday was Land ID 29289 - so at plot ID 30289 the Giveaway should end. (This is NOT an official number at this time, no further word has been given about this).

Currently there are 7,785 wallet addresses with TCG World Plots.

Giveaway Announcement from Telegram: 😜 Super Sunday Funday Giveaway 😜

Due to the insane gas fees for the #BAYC mint #TCGWorld will be giving away 1 #Otherdeed for #Otherside to 1 lucky winner 🥳

It's easy to enter:

👉 Mint a plot of #virtualland in the TCG World #Metaverse 🌎

The first 1000 plots to be minted will get entered into the raffle. Winner will be selected at random and announced on that weeks AMA!

Good Luck 🙏

Giveaway Tweet is Below:

Due to the insane gas fees for the #BAYC mint #TCGWorld will be giving away 1 #Otherdeed for #Otherside to 1 winner that mints a plot of #virtualland in the TCG World #Metaverse

Land is currently on Presale at 1 #BNB with gas fees around $1

Please note: The Sprite Report has nothing to do with this giveaway, or any other giveaway from TCG World. Just reporting the news : )

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