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TCG World News for May 18th 2022

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New video released! It shows off a dragon cave, has some interesting creatures moving around. The entrance of this dragon cave is a dragon skull. We see the baby dragon once more, and a large dragon shooting fire out of it's mouth. The avatar is roaming around the cave, dodging lava. Must be hot down there!

See the video here:

More Tweets from Alex!

He's hanging out with Eric Chan at Permissionless in Florida and is sharing pictures of them hanging out with folks from Harmony Protocol.

AlexNase @AlexNaseTCG

Loved hanging with Harmony tonight!!! We are major fans of @harmonyprotocol but even bigger fans of the team behind it. @OfficialTCGCoin

More people in Alpha!

The mods, real estate team, and the lore team are now all in Alpha. They just got access earlier this morning. If you're a land owner, you just got one step closer to getting access yourself!

Jon The Builder Pics!

A 3 story house this time! He's doing such a good job!

And below are my Alpha pics, hope you enjoy!

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#TCGWorld #TCG2 #Metaverse #TCGWorldAlpha

What the heck did I just land on? A bear.. on a dragon... on an alien bulb of some kind. TCG World is weird!

Loved the colors of this shot, from the dragon to the sky to the trees.

Another fun one.

Jon builds awesome stuff... this is what you get from me. I'M SORRY! not sorry.

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