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TCG World News for May 17th 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

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A website for the upcoming Metaverse Expo, hosted by TCG World, was launched today. It has all the information needed, including ticket info, speakers, exhibitors and more.

A new NFT Collaboration! The Chill Panthers!

Here's the announcement from Telegram:

🥳 TCG World Collaborates with NFT Artist @Grand_UK to create the TCG Chill Panthers that will be displayed inside the TCG World Metaverse 🥳

Whilst you can't purchase NFTs from the collection just yet @Grand_UK will be creating a special 1/1 TCG Chill Panther that will be put up for auction soon!

Check out the TCG collection ➡️

Chill Panthers Official Links

NFT Collection

TG ➡️

Twitter ➡️

Instagram ➡️

Here's some examples from the TCG themed collection:


- David mentioned that the winner of the Refer-A-Friend contest, ran during the last 24 hours of the Birthday Celebration, had a whopping 311 referrals. The winner will be announced on Friday's Live Stream / AMA.

- Alex is still on an adventure, working hard for TCG World. The latest tweet from last night: AlexNase @AlexNaseTCG

Had another awesome meeting with an incredible NFT team. Very cool tech, looking like we're going to be announcing them soon and all will be revealed! First of many incoming!!!"


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You may not know but the dragon itself has some emotes. Slash, jump, jump and spin, snap, stuff like that. Very cool.

Until tomorrow! See ya in the Metaverse!

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