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TCG World News for May 16th 2022

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Today TCG World tweeted out an update about staking. TCG World intends to build their own pools for staking instead of going with a partner or anyone else for staking. They hope to offer 1, 3, 6, and 12 month pools. More details to come at a later date.

Here's the official Tweet:

A Guild Plays Blackout Bingo: The Sprite Report would like to congratulate The Mobi Click of Beverly Whales Guild for being the first community to sell out a square in TCG World!

The Beverly Whales have claimed the area near the Marina in the Forest. This is a major accomplishment, and it's wonderful to see a community come together like they have!

Fun Fact: The Sprite Report has at least one plot in this area!

To celebrate, they're giving away a Matic Grey NFT! Here's that Tweet:

You can learn more about this great guild on their Twitter!

Jon shows us a 50% build on a Silver!

Here's the pics!

And here's some Alpha Pics I took last night! Enjoy!

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