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TCG World News for May 15th 2022

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TCG started a Refer-A-Friend promotion for the last 24 hours of their Birthday Celebration. Simply write in a friend, a real estate agent, or anyone who has helped you and the person with the most referrals wins a platinum plot in TCG World! Yes, you can write in The Sprite Report if you wish, I'm not gonna stop ya!

Can we take a second and reflect upon this past week? 7 days of 0.5 BNB silver plot sales. Half off. They didn't have to do this at all, and they didn't have to stretch it for a whole week! Include the Otherdeed promotion that is overlapping and was extended... And this refer-a-friend promotion. Just wow. How generous is David and TCG World? Sure they're selling.. but props to them for giving even more to the community!


There is 24 hours left until our Birthday Week Special offer on Silver Plots will end! From now until 16th May 4pm CET you could win a PLATINUM PLOT by simply purchasing a plot or referring a friend.

How to enter

When you or any of your friends buy they can use your name as referral and the person that sells the most plots between now and the end of the birthday party will win!

Head to our marketplace to get your virtual land in TCG World now

Ends at 7am PST Monday - Get those plots quick if you still want them! (not financial advice, of course!)

Promos for an upcoming event featuring Alex were released.

Alex is still in Miami but is going to be leaving for VeeCon soon. After VeeCon, he's heading BACK to Miami for this event!

Epic Talks presents The Metaverse - May 25th 2022 7pm to 10pm EST

Location: Bitcoin Safehouse, Miami Florida

Hosted by Melitsa Waage of Epic Talks

Sponsored by MetaV Group, an official partner of TCG World.

Another one:

TCG World and David Evans mentioned on Yahoo Finance Live in Metaverse Interview!

Angelica Saldaña sang praise of the metaverse concept in general, especially TCG World and David Evans. Although the piece at times is critical of the concept of the Metaverse, it's overall a very positive segment and shines TCG World in a great light. Watch it below, and also give Angelica a follow on Twitter!

Thank you Jon Dixon for these next two photos. He was having fun at the Race Track with David yesterday!

And here's the ones I have for ya today! Fun screenshots and some fun avatars too! Enjoy! #Alpha #TCGWorldAlpha

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