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TCG World News for May 14th 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

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Fun in Alpha - Alpha Photos

Jon and I have posted a bunch of photos from Alpha on the Telegram! On the bottom of this post is a large gallery of some of them! Definitely worth checking them out! Jon made an amazing house on a silver plot!

We're Number One! (in the past 24 hours)

According to @NFTevening on Twitter, the Dragon Cave Club was #1 in volume traded over on Opensea!


A reminder! This is not financial advice, do your own research, but if you're wanting to get into the virtual land business in TCG World...

There's 2 days left of the sale! If you choose to purchase a plot, and The Sprite Report has influenced you, please write in The Sprite Report in the referral area to let them know you love the site!

Photos from Alpha (Thank you Jon Dixon!)

This is a silver plot with a house built on it. Just an example of what you can build in the TCG World Metaverse!

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Man, those are some awesome photos. I own some silver plots and seeing what I can do with them, I am pumped up. thanks for the awesome work you are doing.


Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
May 14, 2022

The quality of this project is beyond amazing. And as always the info gets better and better.

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