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TCG World News for May 13th 2022

Make sure to always click through to hear all of the day's news and visit all links!

Today we saw Alex live for the first time in 2 weeks! He's in Miami hanging out with the MetaV Group guys. Click below for all the highlights from the live stream:

Many car images were shared on the Telegram today! Check them out below:

Roy's tip of the day: Speed is nice, but handling is where it's at. Try to find one that has both : )

These cars are just the start. Expect tons of cars and other vehicles in the metaverse over time!

Dragon NFT Tweet! According to the tweet below, the Dragon NFTs were the number 1 NFT project by volume traded in the past 24 hours. That's exciting!

You have to follow instructions! Based upon what David said below about the Diamond Plot giveaway, only a handful of the people who retweeted actually followed the instructions! Don't eliminate yourself!

Still a few days to get half off silver plots! BIRTHDAY PROMOTION! Go here:

Hope you have a good weekend! See ya for tomorrow's Sprite Report!

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