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TCG World News for May 12th 2022

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TCG World is heading to the Australian Crypto Convention as a Diamond and Keynote Theatre Sponsor!

Two unmissable days at Australia’s largest crypto event!

17 – 18 September 2022 | Gold Coast, Australia

Join 5,000+ attendees at Australia’s largest gathering of crypto & blockchain enthusiasts, innovators, technologists, business leaders, influencers & global leaders.

TCG World will have a very large presence there! You'll be able to meet many of the team! By September, TCG World should be approaching their full launch of the game!

Check out the Convention Website here:

More Convention News! This time for Las Vegas!

In the past day or so there were many articles released about the convention. Here's just one of the articles:

Plot Sale Continues!

The silver plot sale continues for 3 more days. 0.5 BNB per plot. Includes all silver sized regional and farm plots. Not financial advice, just the news.

A note about BSC Congestion:

Due to the volitivity of the crypto market in the past two days, there have been some issues with plot minting and allocation. There were delays on the blockchain due to so many transactions, some delays being hours long.

Additionally TCG World last night paused the minting temporarily to avoid some high gas fees. It has since resumed and should be caught up, or caught up soon. Patience is advised in situations like this, and if there's any issues please reach out to a moderator on the official TCG World Telegram:

You can also search your wallet address on and look under the ERC721 token tab. That is where your land from TCG World will be.

UPDATE STREAM AND AMA WITH ALEX TOMORROW! 1pm PST over on Youtube, then AMA over on Telegram.

Please follow The Sprite Report on Social media!

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