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TCG World News for May 11th 2022

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The biggest story of the day is the extension to the birthday celebration! TCG World is offering silver plots at half off. For 0.5 BNB, roughly $150.00 worth, you can get a silver plot in TCG World. Includes all types: Silver and Farms.

As always, just reporting, never financial advice.

Time to update some numbers!

Over night TCG reached over 8,000 individual land owners in TCG World.

For Reference, it wa March 13th when I reported TCG World reaching 7,000 plot owners.

The Dragon NFTs are at 735 ETH Volume, and TCG2 is in 15,600 individual wallets.

Programming Note: The Twitter Space was postponed and will not happen. TCG World originally had scheduled a Twitter Space with their partner SEEK. It will now happen another week.

The Friday AMA is still on the schedule though with Alex.

Alex's latest Tweet says he has 6 meetings today! Busy guy!

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