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TCG World News for June 9th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 29 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get Tickets Half Off using code MAYC50 - here's the website:


Internal Promotions:

The Sprite Report is the first to share this!

A giant congratulations to Andre Allen, Justin Del Giudice and Tyler Wilke for being promoted to Senior Commercial Real Estate Managers. They will be exclusively working on commercial real estate sales for TCG World, and they will also provide training and onboarding for the residential real estate team. Congrats guys!

Here's what David Evans had to say: After several weeks working with them on some additional projects I have promoted @DarthVadersDad @Steelerman9 and @JustinD_TCG to Senior Commercial Real Estate Managers and they will be working alongside the management team on all of the commercial property sales moving forward.

Head on over to the TCG World Telegram and tell them Congrats! ‣ @DarthVadersDad Tyler Wilke

‣ @JustinD_TCG Justin Del Guidice

‣ @Steelerman9 Andre Allen

New Sprite Concept!

At random, Mike Miller showed a very awesome looking Sprite concept! Will we see this in TCG World? I hope so!

Calendar of Events for TCG World

Two new pages have been added to The Sprite Report.

You can find links to them on the top menu.

The Calendar on this site will be for everything TCG World and TCG-World Related. It has to have something related to TCG World. For instance a NFT project is going to mint something, that mint has to directly relate to TCG World. If they are minting a side project with no utility, it would not be listed.

Speaking of Events - Tomorrow is Friday - AMA DAY!

The Live Stream will be here:

Make sure to set your Reminder via the link above!

Tweets from DCentral Con

Here's some Tweets from Jenifer Rodriguez from WallStreetBets! She was at DCentral Austin and posted these yesterday.

Alpha Pics: 14 new ones were added today!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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