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TCG World News for June 3rd 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 35 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

The News:

Dragon Guild NFT Presale Tomorrow - And Some Changes!

My usual disclaimer: Do your own research, this is not financial advice.

The Dragon Guild's white paper and roadmap were released yesterday. This project includes a lot more than was originally announced. And it's much cheaper than expected!

The whole white paper (all 4 pages of it) can be found on their Discord in the Roadmap channel. I was going to copy/paste it all, but it's hella long.


- This is a presale, the NFTs will be airdropped later. - Instead of 1 NFT collection, it's now 2. Both will be 8888 quantity.

- The Saturday Presale is for the 1st (main) NFT collection (the female dragon handlers).

- The price has been reduced by about half of what they were originally quoting people.

- The 2nd collection will be airdropped to holders of the main collection at a later date. - This 2nd collection will be male warriors.

- The 2nd collection is the one that will be attached to TCG World plots.

- The white paper lists a LOT of utilities for these NFTs. A crazy amount actually.

- They plan to also have their own coin as well.

- They plan to invest in a private island with a resort.

- They have a yacht deal as well.

Please go to their Discord to read it!

About the Presale:

Price: 0.2 ETH (unless ETH goes crazy in the next 24 hours)

Should be roughly 375.00 each.

When: June 4th 2022 5pm PST, 8pm EST

Links for the presale will be provided on their Discord AND Twitter. They advise you to check both sites to verify you have the correct link.

A reminder that these (the 2nd collection / male warriors) will be connected to a plot of land in TCG World. You'll either get a silver, a gold, or a platinum if you're lucky.

Live Update Stream and AMA with Alex Highlights!

Ton of updates from Alex today, including all the giveaway winners. He also spoke with new partner Rev3al, who does with NFT security. Please visit my Highlights post for all of the updates.

Cool Videos about TCG World:

From Moonblocks, don't think they've covered TCG World before:

And a new one from Ryan Patrick:

Ok it's TCG World Alpha photo time!

I built a small house...

Before I furnished it.

TCG will soon allow us to make the plot border disappear, so this should be a clear view one day! Not green tinted windows : )

Time for a cyber angel to go to bed!

Staring off into the green distance.

Yeah look at that work of art. Needs work!

Then I took a drive through the forest!

Cyber Angel Will Travel.

Vroom Vroom!

AMA portion on Telegram - Telegram here:

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