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TCG World News for June 30th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 8 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get your tickets here:


Many Updates on the Metaverse Expo Website!

Call of Duty 1vs1 Competition Announced for the Metaverse Expo - GGTOOR is hosting it - there will be 30k in prizes up for grabs - prizes paid out in Crypto. Sign up here:

VIP and VR Graphics Added:

Several Speakers Added...

- Lisa Chikarovski-Johnston from the TCG Team

- Christian Dickson from Veritone

- Brendan Thompson from RugZombie and the Oblivion NFT Marketplace

- Carmen Indalecio from Disco Burn Token - Andrew Cartwright from Youtube (more about him in a bit...)

Also Cryptolution tweeted this:


From the Medium page: "REV3AL is extremely excited to unveil its strategic cooperation with TCG WORLD. REV3AL is an anti-counterfeit solution that guarantees authenticity and uniqueness. Also, TCG WORLD is the first multi-chain springboard and accelerator devoted to the Metaverse. Furthermore, it goes beyond financial matters to give purposeful growth foundations. Its ideal is to power economies in virtual worlds and gaming environments.

The partnership is critical as it guarantees the sale of Metaverse is made transparently. Owners of land in this virtual world never worry about copycats since the association will guarantee authenticity. The designers of the Metaverse will have their IPs protected throughout the project.

Besides, the partnership will ensure they will evenly share Business flow and other non-monetary resources among the two."

See the announcement here:

WHERE'S THAT BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? Yesterday David said there'd be a big announcement concerning someone performing at the Metaverse Expo. That announcement has not been officially made yet - but it was confirmed in the Plot Owner group when people guessed it... and the announcement has popped up in a few areas on the web already... I can't wait to share it with you hopefully tomorrow!


I have it under good authority that the link will work this week and he won't go live elsewhere! Fingers crossed!


Andrew Cartwright, who will be speaking at the Metaverse Expo, made a video about TCG World. He has 199k subscribers, so pretty dang good reach! And apparently a lot of 20's, look at that main picture on the video! You can see the video a bit below.....

*looks left*

*looks right*


Pay attention to social media in the next few days.

TSR Updates:

- I worked on the mobile version. I hope you find it a bit more friendly to use. I still don't know what I'm doing but hey, hopefully some of you like it!

- Added several pictures to the Alpha Pics!

OH, AND....

Oh, and here's a fun Twitter Space to listen to, if this doesn't get you hyped for TCG World I don't know what will:

New Play Graphic!

- Discover your storyline in the Metaverse

- Capture NFT creatures and battles with friends

- Explore 800km2 of virtual world in 4k

- Complete challenges, quests, play mini games

- Engage with a diverse community

It joins Live (below) and I expect EARN to be coming soon!



Skunkz Linkz: Telegram:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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