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TCG World News for June 2nd 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 36 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

New Promo Image:

This image went out today advertising tomorrow's AMA #40 - It's new and fancy!

You Can Set up an Alert To Remind You of the AMA!

The AMA is set up - you can set a reminder for yourself by visiting it on Youtube. Also go ahead and give it a THUMBS UP.. 'cause you know Alex is gonna deliver. Tomorrow's AMA is with Rev3al!

TCG's Telegram Announcement:

🚨 TCGWorld AMA W/ REV3AL 🚨

Join us on YouTube this Friday for our weekly AMA as we discuss the latest news with Rev3al! 📣


Set reminder:

Today's Alpha Pics take us to the Snowy North Region.

A pink bear was spotted driving a sports car in the snow. Silly bear. But can't blame him, it's one of the only cars the bear's fat head can fit in!

I'm Bear. Let's Roll!

Mega close up of snow on a tree branch. Mega close up.

ABC = Above Bear Car.

Look at the distance, I love this shot 'cause it shows how far the trees and road are going back.

Bear living it's best life!

A fork in the road.

A fork in the road.

The road curves, plots near by.

Plots right off the road.

The road lead to an alien biome.

A fallen tree, very detailed.

Off the road, looking at a plot and that tree.

North, getting towards the evening.

Bear's home in the Metaverse.

Close up of a camp fire. Bear almost caught on fire.

Two types of crystals here.. hmmmm...

On top of a very detailed rock.

On the ground in a hilly area.

Bear and Dragon.

Flying above some plots - this area is especially hilly.

Night time in the North.

Look at the stars and moonlight casting shadows of the trees.

Zoomed out in a plot. Night time.

Zoomed out in a plot. Daylight.

Look at the bark on the trees! Beautiful scenery!

A pink bear squatting in the woods.

Looking good, Bear!

Whoops! Spoke too soon.

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report - as always, see ya tomorrow!

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