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TCG World News for June 1st 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 37 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

The News:

Save 15% Off on TCG World Gear with Code: EXPO2022



With the METAVERSE EXPO 2022 coming up in a bit longer than one month, we have a little gift that we wanted to share with everyone.

From now until 10/06/22 everyone who orders an item in our official TCG merch store will get 15% discount on their order, with PROMO CODE: EXPO2022

See you soon at THE METAVERSE EXPO in Las Vegas!

Includes the gear you can put your dragon NFT on!

You can enter your dragon ID here and have your own dragon printed!! 🔥

Metaverse Expo 2022: Las Vegas, July 8th to 10th.


Try: MAYC50 or BAYC50 at checkout. Note: You do not actually have to hold one of their NFTs to use the code to save!

SEEK to give out TCG2 to Holders!

Firstly, I always have to remind you that this is not financial advice. Just reporting the news, man!

This was announced for the first time on the Twitter Space that happened earlier today.

I reached out to Evan at SEEK and here's the info he gave me about the whole thing in general: "SEEK Token announces a new utility. The Seek Safe Drop (SSD)

We will have the same 8-12% tax structure. We will have a marketing and ops wallet and a SSD/Utility wallet. A portion of the marketing wallet will be directed to that wallet as well. 40% of all KYC proceeds are added and 10% of our adjusted tax. So that wallet (SSD) will be a large collector of funds.

The 1st and 15th we will take those funds and purchase a trusted partners tokens and airdrop those to the top 300 SEEK holders.

Since everyone will or should want to be in the top 300 holders list, this will raise our floor as people will add SEEK to receive the air drop. Partner groups will add SEEK to receive their native token and our top holders and long term holders will do nicely as well. We will also do giveaways thru the month so people can win their way into the top 300 if funds are tight. So projects like: Poodl, Hobbs, AstroDonkey, Ruyi, SNAfu, iLOTTO, SOD, Valor, Glow2 just to name a few, should be on their A game and ready to make the journey with us.

We will rinse and repeat this process so the partner investors will continue to hold after the drop because they know it’s repeating and another drop is on the way soon.

Every 3rd drop we will buy and drop SEEK as well to reward our holder base.

So many additional features and utilities. Not to mention the upcoming $500,000.00 NFT rewards program. Thanks to everyone who’s supporting and supported us. It’s now time to explode our mission and move SEEK to the next level. Join us in the fight, Won’t you?"


"So basically if you hold Seek and are within the top 300 holders which is about $170 worth of our token right now, you actually will receive a drop of our chosen token that we have picked. So with the chosen partners we have just finished an airdrop yesterday of Poodl to our seek holder and our next drop announced is Snafu Token. As of just now Rob has allocated TCG token as our 3rd partner token that will be dropped."

And here's the SEEK info: S3EK Contact Address BSC


Can be bought through Pancakeswap and he says they also have a swapper to make buys super quick and easy.

July 15th should be the TCG token airdrop. Here's the Poocoin link:

Do your own research on this!


Some random road shots.

Hmmm... what's this building?

The road less travelled.

Apes in the mountains!

Looking over some plots in Asia.

Road in the forest. I think my pics got messed up in order, but that's ok.

A road in the forest.

Outside of the HUB near Elongate's HQ - This is Alpha, locations subject to change.

Sun going down! Love the reflection off the water!

Redhead in a field of red flowers!

Red dragon in a field of red flowers!

Elongate HQ

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report - as always, see ya tomorrow!

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