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TCG World News for June 15th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 23 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

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The call that was supposed to happen yesterday happened early today. It was John Whitman, Chairman of GGTOOR, addressing his stock holders (and everyone on the call) and announcing the plans for GGTOOR City in TCG World.

Some of what was said:

- GGTOOR Arena in the middle of the city (middle of East)

- They can have 30 livestream events at a time in TCG World.

- 100 of their 128x128 diamond sized commercial plots are on sale right now.

- Mentions having highrise buildings to rent.

- One client has already expressed interest in one of their diamonds for 375k

- They will be at the Expo. Click here for the Yahoo Article.

Bunch of other stuff, but it was mostly already in the articles that came out yesterday - but it's a good introduction to the man who will be working closely with David and TCG World to bring the East region to life!

The video:


TCG World announced a new partnership with Whoopsies Doopsies and invited everyone into their Discord community. This new partner will also be attending the Metaverse Expo in July - just 3 weeks away!

The announcement:

@WDoopsies have now entered the #Metaverse! Welcome to the #TCGWorld family! Don’t miss your chance to meet them at the @Metaverse_Expo

Whoopsies Doopsies Twitter:

Whoopsies Doopsies Discord:

What I personally found more interesting is their tweet with a 3D rendering of one!

Let your minds wander in wonder!


David said it may be a few years, but other coins will likely be used in TCG World, including the ability to farm them.

David Evans:
Its like any business, if Gucci came in and wanted to be paid in Gucci coin for their handbags we would allow it over time. Everything created by TCG will be sold in TCG 2.0 but we have to provide opportunity for other companies to bring their own business into the world, farming may end up getting rewards in multiple coins over the next few years. All to the benefit of the land owners and players without stretching our resources every time. We dont want a monopoly, we want interoperability and an economy. Like in real life, there are different currencies. However no other currencies or coins are planned in any immediate future as we need to grow our own economy first. Which may take 2-3 years. By then there will be DAOs and communities setup to decide on these decisions. Once the world is up and running and growing the community will make some of these decisions not just TCG World team as it will be you all contributing to the economy.

Starship Event Early Saturday:

Just a reminder:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures! I'll be adding some more tonight!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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