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TCG World News for June 13th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 25 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

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Huge news coming this week! Perhaps as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned! I'll be re-hashing it here on The Sprite Report, of course!

Alex had this to say this morning: Hey everyone!!! Conventions are finished and flying home tomorrow!! Lots of highly productive meetings and relationships formed! Market is a little rough, so I wanted to come on and message everyone. TCG is building and building. Even during the red sea of a market we are adding on more staff and developers. We are very happy with Alpha and the demos to everyone at the convention were met with wide eyes and excitement. I can't wait to get to public Alpha and everyone at the convention (and you!) are just as excited to get in!

Speaking panels and interviews were super fun and engaging for us. Many media outlets want to do follow up interviews, podcasts, and articles! Our world has turned many heads and the exposure has been incredible. We're moving quickly and you'll see some large fruits of our hard work over the coming week! Watch our socials this week 😊 Stuff will be announced soon that we've been working on for months!!

The current market does not determine our current output or development. We have cushion and runway for many months due to David being leading the ship correctly. We 100% believe the Metaverse is the next move in tech, same with most crypto projects and people at these conventions, and we continue to have the highest quality product that's also hyper focused on the user experience.

We'll continue to update you all the entire way through as we always have done. Can't wait to see your reactions when you're in the world! Again keep up to date with our socials and our AMAs!! We'll communicate the whole way. Appreciate you all! 😊

MARINA VIDEO! A very early look at the Marina was shared on Telegram. So early that the video doesn't have audio. But what do you think?

Join the Telegram here: Link to the video here:

Insert Spoiler Warning Here.

It's looking pretty good! It's expected that you'll be able to, eventually, purchase yachts, and perhaps other boats as well, and actually be able to skipper them around the metaverse!

TCG Bringing a Lot of Shirts!

Check out this tweet showing all the TCG World Metaverse shirts being made!

Starship Event this Weekend:

Click the bear image below for more Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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