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TCG World News for June 11th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: 27 Days Until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

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Plot owners got the first 2 images of the Ancient Ruins given to them this morning, along with a bunch of 3D Sprite designs. Due to the exclusivity of that group, I cannot post them here yet. Once they are shared to the public I can share them with you!

The ruins resemble more Ancient Greek style. Think columns and something you'd find in Atlantis rather than the Pyramids of Egypt and bright orange/yellow desert people may have imagined. At least with the 2 images showed.

The Sprite images were mostly creatures shared previously, with a few new ones mixed in. One of the concept pictures shared was the evolutions for the lava monster. Another had some awesome armadillo / peacock combo pictures. The Sprites really are amazing!

The 3D ones included the robo cat evolutions, the Ewok/Wookie looking ones, and my favorite, the bird Sprite with the mohawk, concept below.

Concept Pic - 3D Pic in Plot Owner Group! : )

These pictures are available in the plot owners group, which you will need to be a verified land owner to gain access to. To do that, please ask in the main Telegram Group here:


From their Telegram post: We are proud to announce The Official CryptoSkunkz Lore Contest, which consists of you getting the opportunity to create the back story as to the origins and history of our beloved Skunkz! Use your creativity and imagination as you decide the legacy of the main Skunkz Characters, how the Stench came into power, the story behind Skunk Village, and their successful campaign to rule the Metaverse and Animal Kingdom 🦨

-The winner of the Lore Contest will receive a random CryptoSkunkz NFT to be sent after the minting begins, and have their submission used as the Official CryptoSkunkz Lore.

-Second place will receive a random CryptoSkunkz NFT.

Don't miss this chance to engrave Your Name in history, and forever be associated with one of the Most Exciting projects of 2022- The CryptoSkunkz!!

Enter by Joining the Official CryptoSkunkz Socials:

For full event details concerning contest dates, rules and disclaimers, please click, go here:

Contest Dates: the contest will start on Tuesday, June 7 2022 at 10pm Eastern Standard Time (US). All entries must be received by June 19th at 10pm EST. The top 5 entries will be chosen by vote in the CryptoSkunkz Discord, and on June 20th the Skunkz Telegram Community will vote for the top 2. The Winner will be announced on June 21st!

MetaBitBros Video:

A new video from MetaBitBros! And I hear you can expect even more from Logan and Talan soon, as these young men are off for the summer and will be making more content about TCG World!

Alpha Pics: 8 new photos were added today!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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