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TCG World News for April 29th 2022

It's Friday. It's Update Day. Gotta love the end of the week!

Alex interviewed The Dragon Guild on today's AMA. He gave updates on his previous Miami trip and updates to Alpha (Next group going in soon!). He's going back to Miami not once, but twice in May. TCG World is going to Gary Vee's Con.. and also to Dallas for a high-level get-together. He also shouted out The Sprite Report and went over the Elongate and the Hub articles on stream.

See all the updates in this post: Click Here

There's a Meme Competition going on. Win yourself a Dragon NFT!

And Jace will hold a stream NEXT FRIDAY at 9:30pm PST - It'll be a 4 to 5 hour stream showcasing Alpha. There will be Giveaways!

Other than the update stream it was a pretty slow news day! Until tomorrow!

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