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TCG World News for April 28th 2022

Today Alex was on a Twitter Space with Pluto Alliance. Alex mentioned an idea to have a TCG World version of Squid Game in the Metaverse. No copying of the show, but they would create their own games and system that nobody can prep for ahead of time. They said they could potentially offer crazy prizes like a Lambo. The event would be held annually. Listen to the whole thing on Twitter by clicking here.

Thanks to QTA for this next story!

Mike Miller showed some concept art on his Think and Draw stream yesterday. Lot of never before seen concepts, including a 3D modelled Cat Bat looking creature! If it's 3D modelled, that means we may see it in TCG World! Amazing stuff!

And thanks to Buzz from the Cyber Hornets for letting me post the two following pictures:

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Here's the Stream with all the Sprite Concepts:

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Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
Apr 29, 2022

These reports are getting better and better. Grate work love the info from here.

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